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Erin GallagherBy Erin Gallagher

It’s the end of another week and the end of a long, cold month for those of you living up in the tundra (or anything north of Tampa, Florida).  Is anyone attending ALA MidWinter this weekend?  I hope everyone has a fantastic time in the Windy City enjoying lively discussions and innovative sessions.  Onward and upward to a bit of a hodgepodge of hot topics this week.

Librarians engaged in library instruction in higher education have probably been keeping up with the various drafts of ACRL’s proposed Framework for Information LiteracyThe latest incarnation can be found hereThe task force responsible for drafting and amending the framework will present this draft to ACRL’s Board of Directors at MidWinter this weekend, so we should know soon if the framework has been accepted.  This comes at a crucial time when many academic librarians are revamping their instructional methods to reflect a growing focus on information literacy in higher education.  How has your library reacted or responded to the proposed framework?  Have you had any discussions on how you may or may not modify your instructional approach?  Do you have any bones to pick with the framework?

If you’re a classical poetry nerd like me and you love to hear the charming warbles of poets reading their original works, check out The Listening Booth of the Woodberry Poetry Room at Harvard UniversityHarvard has made these streaming recording freely accessible, and interested listeners can hear recordings from the likes of Jorge Luis Borges, Jean Valentine, Anne Sexton, and W.H. Auden, to name a notable few.

Speaking of Auden, has anyone else seen his syllabus floating around the Interwebs?  Check out his syllabus from the 1941-42 academic year during his professorship at University of MichiganOthello and The Brothers Karamazov and Moby Dick, oh my!  It’s a fascinating syllabus, though grossly lacking in women authors, but I can just imagine the faces of his students when presented with this list.

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