v26 #4 Publisher Profile: OnlyBoth LLC

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pub_prof_onlyboth_logoP.O. Box 8120
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Website: http://onlyboth.com

OFFICERS:  Raul Valdes-Perez, Chief Executive Officer;  Andre Lessa, Chief Technology Officer.

HISTORY AND BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF YOUR COMPANY/PUBLISHING PROGRAM:  OnlyBoth discovers new insights in structured data and writes them up in perfect English.  We say that only OnlyBoth does both.  We also say that “A sentence is worth 1,000 data (TM).”

The idea for the technology came in 1998 and was supported by an NSF grant to Valdes-Perez while at Carnegie Mellon.  Upon co-founding Vivisimo with a different technology, the idea sat on a shelf for 12 years.  After IBM acquired Vivisimo, OnlyBoth co-founders Andre Lessa and Valdes-Perez saw that the idea remained novel and was even more relevant today, and so started OnlyBoth in March, 2014.

We seek to liberate the many insights cloaked in data by launching various applications for personal and business insights as well as fun.


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