RUMORS from the ATG NewsChannel 9/7/14

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By Katina Strauch

Heard from the hard-working Matthew Ismail (Central Michigan). Matthew and a couple of his colleagues have been working to create a student-centered marketing campaign in their library. Here is their “first fruit”! A 30 second DIY video. He would love our input!  I think this should be an inspiration to all of us to market our services and resources! This is way cool!

The talented and resilient Scott Plutchak says they have finally sorted through the details of reorganization at UAB. Effective September 8, Scott will be Director of Data Curation Strategies reporting to the Office of the Provost. Scott says that he is definitely not leaving libraries and will be attending many conferences. In fact Scott and Lynn will both be in Charleston in November. We are even trying to arange another Penthouse Interview with Scott about his new duties. You will recall that he was one of the very first Penthouse interviews. Moving right along, Scott says that John Meador, most recently Dean of Libraries at SUNY-Binghamton, picked up the reins as UAB Dean of Libraries August 5.  The challenge he has accepted is to merge the two existing library organizations — Lister Hill and Mervyn H. Sterne — into a single organization serving the entire university community. One consequence of the merger is that the two Director positions go away.  The Director, Lister Hill and Director, Mervyn Sterne functioned as deans, although they didn’t have that title.  But they met as part of the Deans Council and had the same level of budgetary and personnel authority as the deans.  Now that there is a single individual with the title, as well as the authority, of Dean, those two director positions are superfluous. Scott says that every research institution in the country is trying to figure out how to effectively manage research data.  What services should the institution provide?  How to manage security?  How to establish policies and monitor compliance with the full range of increasingly complex federal requirements?  How to make data available for reuse in clean and well-structured contextualized environments? All of this will be part of his new job. Talk about cutting-edge!

Speaking of which, we have a data curation seminar in Charleston on November 3 and 4, a few days before the Charleston Conference begins. Several of you have signed up for it.

(Editor’s note: We’ve just posted an informative interview with Jon Crabtree and Cal Lee the two faculty members from the UNC School of Information and Library Science who will lead the seminar. Check it out at: ATG Interviews Jon Crabtree and Cal Lee, faculty from UNC Chapel Hill School of Information & Library Science.)

BTW, have you signed up for the main Charleston Conference yet? The early bird deadline is coming up! September 12! Leah Hinds (what would I do without her?) has again created a link for us all to be able to plan our days while at the Conference. But wait a minute! Beth Bernhardt has done a ton of work on the schedule as well! It takes us women to make things happen!

More from one of our directors! The multi-talented Jack Montgomery‘s birthday was September 4! And have I told you that Jack is working on a Charleston Conference theme song? Really and truly! Can’t wait to hear it! I’ll bet you can’t either.

Deb Vaughn (she has some incredible children ) has a new job! Besides diligently directing our book review column, Deb has been hired as instructor, University Success Skills at Clemson University! Congratulations, Deb. We still miss you at the College of Charleston!


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