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Dennis Brunningby Dennis Brunning

Elegato Thunderbolt Dock:

Mac users, an ever expanding group, deserve after-market products ought as neat and sleek as your design inspired computers. Although USB ports disappeared from the iPads and miniiPads, Macs feature USB ports. As USB is the eras best and cheap way to transfer data and software, Elegato Thunderbolt Dock might interest you.

Ever felt how hot your gets? USB is one of the minor miracles of modern computing but they get overburdened. Then they get hot, then they meltdown. With meltdown there goes your connectivity.

The Elegato Thunderbolt Deck runs cool. A few years ago, Apple developed the Thunderbolt, an Intel-based peripherals connector. Elegato improves the Thunderbolt by making it a dock. So now you can connect to three USB devices through a dock to plug into one of your Mac USB ports. Apple came up with when users overloaded their USB ports. Apple called it Thunderbolt.

Available for about $300.00 from www.elegato.com or other online and retail electronics stores. You’re worth it!

The iPhone 6 debuts this week and will be thinner than the iPhone 5 and will have a curved screen. So throw out your cases–yikes this is getting expensive.

For those who won’t upgrade and save money, update your 5 or 5s with the Incipio Focal Camera Case. This nifty cover also incorporates design that turns your phone into a decent and easy to use camera. It  offers a shutter button like a real camera and buttons for zoom in and out. Plus a wrist strap, the Incipio keeps the excellent camera of the iPhone by making it more of a camera.

Available for about $75.00 from www.incipio.com or other online and retail electronics stores.

If you still own a landline (my wife and I do, we love our telemarketers) fool the cord breakers in your life with the Home Phone by UrbanHello. UrbanHello is a French design company focused on smart products that recreate everyday objects to a new purpose.

The HomePhone looks like a flashlight with a big lamp. Its base is circular and larger in circumference than its handle. The base is the digital keyboard and 360 speaker and microphone. The other end is the caller identification display.

The Home Phone pairs with your existing wireless remote phone system. When not in use, you can charge it in its smart charger–designed to effectively charge the lithium battery to capacity then turn off.

Check it out at www.urbanhello.com. About $250.00.

Out there, in cyber land, more of a few us must occupy the odd world of computing with the tips of our fingers but now with quite contrary actions. Behind us, twenty years or more of typing into the computer. Ahead, many years, we suppose, of touching, swiping, pinching, and tapping a screen.

Windows 8 admits the transition from keyboard to touch-board in what many find a total input confusion. Pick up a Surface Pro and find out how schizophrenic the situation has become.

The Soladapt Touch Genie helps solve this. It’s a screen that fits over any desktop display and through infra-red LED and photo sensors hidden in its screen to track finger and hand movements which instantly turn your GUI into a touch GUI. Plug it into a USB port and you turn your old style computer into a trendy touchy one.

About $160.00 from www.soladapt.com or an online or retail electronics store.





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