floatinglibrary-logo-redkitten-trk013bnnr01x-171According to their website “The Floating Library is an experimental public art project.   It is also a great example of taking services to where your patrons live, or in this case, water ski!

The  local paper* reports that “the Floating Library is a real library. It has books that can be checked out, and it has a librarian.” The only catch is that it’s located in the middle of a lake and “you’ll need a canoe or a kayak or a paddleboat” to get to the library.”

Designed by architect Molly Reichert the Floating Library is an 8 foot square raft that “features bookshelves built to hold printed matter for perusal and check out on the water.”  To see what’s it’s all about check out the Flicker photo album.

* Star-Tribune The land of 10,000 lakes now has a floating library


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