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By Katina Strauch

Was excited to learn that our own Tony Horava (Associate University Librarian (Collections), University of Ottawa) is the recipient of the Ottawa Council  of University Libraries (OCUL) OutstandingContribution Award. The award will be presented to Tony for his work in support of OCUL’s mission and vision.
He is recognized for his active involvement, research, and instruction around various OCUL initiatives since 2002. In addition to his important work on projects such as the patron-driven acquisition and ebooks platforms, OCUL recognizes the significant contributions Tony has made as one of the longest serving and most experienced members of CRKN’s Content Strategy Committee.
The OCUL Outstanding Contribution Award was established by the OCUL Directors in May 2008 to recognize the outstanding contribution of an individual or team of individuals within the OCUL consortium. This year the Award recognizes a remarkable achievement that has helped embody the values, which OCUL places on networking, collaboration and community.
Big Congratulations, Tony!

Speaking of Tony and networking, collaboration, and community, Tony is guest editing the February and April 2015 issues of ATG on literacy and learning. Tony has had a terrific response to the call for articles that Sonya Armstrong posted to the College and Literacy and Learning Special Interest Group of the International Reading Association. Sonya also sent it to Eric Paulson (the editor of the Journal of College Reading and Learning) to distribute to his doctoral students studying college reading (and Sonya’s own doctoral students studying the same). Sonya L. Armstrong is Director, College Learning Enhancement and Associate Professor of Postsecondary Literacy at Northern IllinoisUniversity.I believe that this is a very important topic for us librarians and am so sorry that I can’t attend the annual meeting of the College Reading & Learning Association because it directly conflicts with the Charleston Conference! Looking on the positive side, we will have two  high quality issues of ATG with thought-provoking, timely, and important articles.

Can’t help but mention that Tony is presenting in Charleston in November on the Future of Reading in Academic Libraries with David Durant of East Carolina University. I hope to be there!

Speaking of Awards, Merrilee Proffitt has been inducted as a Fellow of the Society of American Archivists for outstanding contributions to the archives profession. I couldn’t be in Cambridge at the recent Fiesole Retreat but I understand that Merrilee gave an outstanding paper there last April. The paper was called from “On Beyond MOOCs: Online Education and Libraries: An Overview of the Landscape.” Merrilee is OCLC Research Senior Program Officer in her current role at OCLC Research, Ms. Proffitt leads an initiative that seeks new collaborative methods that will allow the unique materials found in libraries, archives, and museums to be effectively described, properly disclosed, successfully discovered, and appropriately delivered. In the process of shaping and executing this work, she has authored papers on the scholarly and teaching impact of digitizing collections, and organized events that help shape a new professional point of view. Ms. Proffitt graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of California at Berkeley. While pursing that degree, she discovered her passion for archives working as the office manager for the Regional Oral History Office at the Bancroft Library at Berkeley. In 2004, while working at the Research Libraries Group (RLG), Ms. Proffitt was part of a team that authored the RLG Best Practice Guidelines for Encoded Archival Description, a guide that went on to receive the 2004 C.F.W. Coker Award from SAA. Ms. Proffitt is one of five new Fellows named in 2014. There are currently 179 Fellows of the Society of American Archivists.

Was talking to Bruce Cary (Elsevier) the other day. He is just back from a trip to Greece. He went to the island of Skiathos which brought back memories to me. I was five months pregnant when my husband and I visited Skiathos at the invitation of my Naval Officer uncle. Was it Skiathaos, Bruce, or Skorpios? There are so many Greek Islands.

Just can’t resist sharing this story with y’all. It was an article in the Wall Street Journal Friday, August 15 – In Tehran, a Taxi’s Metamorphosis is Kafkaesque: Couple Turns their Cab Into a Rolling Library:’Books on Wheels.’” It’s a husband and wife team who met in a bookstore and decided to outfit their cab with books. They offer books to passengers who are interested and classical music to boot. They have been doing this for five years and their cab has been visited by I. Iran’s Culture Minister plus they recently received a UN international peace award. This article will make you smile, something pleasantly uplifting from Iran.

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