Rumors from the ATG NewsChannel 8/11/14

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katinaby Katina Strauch

As many of you have noticed, we have been having problems with our Charleston Conference website. It’s a long and intricate story but Leah Hinds and Joshua Dickard are working round the clock to restore things to normal. So sorry for the inconvenience. A reroute is now installed on 

Was reading an article recently about data scientists –Big Data’s High-Priests of Algorithms by Elizabeth Dwoskin. It got me to thinking about librarians and data. You will remember that in November 2012 (32nd Charleston Conference) MacKenzie Smith who was Research Director at MIT (now University Librarian at the University of California, Davis) delivered a keynote on “Data Papers in the Networked Environment” and spoke about the challenges surrounding the publication of electronic data papers. She also wrote an essay in Joyce Ray’s monograph, Research Data Management: Practical Strategies for Information Professionals (Charleston Insights in Library, Information, and Archival Sciences) on “Data Governance: When Technology and Policy Collide.”

(For more info on data science as a profession check out: Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century)

Speaking of data, several of you have signed up for the very first Charleston Seminar which is on Data Curation and is being taught by Cal Lee and Jonathan Crabtree of the School of Information and Library Science at UNC-Chapel Hill. Check it out!

We have recruited Erin Gallagher (don’t you love her Hot Topics every Friday) and Michelle Leonard (this will be her first Charleston Conference) to help in polling conference participants on various topics. Why? This year we got SIX proposals which mentioned polling attendees and we thought this would be good idea to try out in an organized way in 2014. Besides the individual sessions, we will have a concurrent session on Saturday asking for input from all of you. Stay tuned!

During discussions of polling, learned that Erin went to Hawaii and Iceland this summer. She says that she preferred Iceland. I remember going horseback riding in Iceland way back when. What a wonderful experience! A unique and gorgeous country.

Update – heard from Lynn Fortney (see Rumors last week). She is indeed coming to the 34th Charleston Conference with Scott Plutchak! Hooray! Will be great to see them both!

And speaking of vacations, was talking to Ramune Kubilius who regularly travels to Lithuania.  Every February the International Vilnius Book Fair takes place where publishing houses around the globe rush to publish the most interesting and beautiful books. The Vilnius Book Fair takes place soon after Christmas in Vilnius and is an additional opportunity for publishers to organize writers’ meetings with readers and introduce new books.

And don’t forget more from Lithuania!

Mentioning books, I can’t resist telling y’all about an article that came out recently by a librarian  — This Librarian Is Not Impressed With Your Digital No-Books Library by Adam Feldman


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