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library-book-shelvesWhile visiting the New York Society Library, author Phyllis Rose was struck by the “sudden awareness” that she was surrounded by shelves of unknown novels by unknown writers, so she came up with a plan.   She decided “to pick, at random, a fiction shelf and read her way through its contents and began a journey the resulted in The Shelf: Adventures in Extreme Reading her first book in a decade.”*  And according to this article in The Guardian, Ms Rose had another motive.  The Shelf  is a call to arms. “I wanted to make people aware of libraries as an ecosystem that are threatened in the same way as coral reefs. There’s a kind of serendipity that occurs in a library that never happens online…

(For more information about The Shelf: Adventures in Extreme Reading see this week’s ATG Book of the Week.)

(*Ms Rose is the author of the acclaimed Parallel Lives, which tells the story of five Victorian literary marriages.)


(Thanks to John Riley of Gabriel Books  for providing ATG’s daily quirkies.)

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