ATG Article of the Week: Is rational discussion of open access possible?

by | Jul 9, 2014 | 0 comments

open_signIs rational discussion of open access possible? is another article by Rick Anderson that tackles a controversial issue in a thought provoking fashion.  This time it’s what Rick claims is the OA advocacy community’s resistance to examining the costs and benefits of OA “carefully and dispassionately.” The abstract says it all:

“Open Access (OA), like any other model or strategy for the dissemination of knowledge, carries with it clear benefits as well as costs and downsides. These vary depending on the OA strategy in question, and in order for OA to bring maximum benefit to the world of scholarship, its costs and benefits need be examined carefully and dispassionately so that the former can be maximized and the latter minimized. Unfortunately, the OA advocacy community tends to resist all attempts to examine OA in this way, to the point that those who approach OA in a spirit of critical analysis (rather than celebration and evangelism) are attacked and punished. This article describes the problem, provides examples of it, and proposes strategies for promoting a more rigorous and analytical discussion of OA.”


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