Rumors from the ATG NewsChannel 6/23/14

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KatinaBy Katina Strauch

Altmetric has certainly been on everyone’s radar lately. Did you know that the multi-talented Sara Rouhi (once at ACS) is now with Altmetric? Sara was with ACS for almost 6 years With Altmetric, she will be based out of Washington DC and will be headed our way before long to spread the Altmetric gospel! Sara sends contact info and twitter is @RouhiRoo.  Meanwhile, back at the Paula Hane ranch (her birthday was a few days ago! HB, Paula!), we have posted her interview and images about the Altmetric launch.  An ATG Original: New Platform Released—Altmetric for Institutions. This is a great discussion. Check out Paula‘s interview with Euan Adie founder of Altmetric posted on the ATG NewsChannel

Saw on TripAdvisor that the handsome Simon Inger has recently visited the Outsider Restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland. Hope to see Simon in Charleston. You all know that we also have good restaurants.  Remember when we were hosted by Simon in Oxford at Jesus College for a Fiesole Collection Development Retreat. Hoo-ha! 

pic2Speaking of which Richard Gedye gave a great review of Restaurant 17 in Durham, UK. Just seven tables and quiet enough to be able to hear yourself talk.  Speaking  of Chaleston restaurants, seems that there are over 100 restaurants listed near downtown Charleston on TripAdvisor these days! I remember when Bruce and I moved to Charleston in 1977, there were very few restaurants. The primary one downtown was the Old Towne Greek restaurant which was across the street from an empty lot filled with broken-down cars! Now the lot is home to the Omni/Charleston Place hotel which has recently become the Belmond Charleston Place.

Speaking of hotels in Charleston, there are many new ones. I just learned that The Spectator Hotel will be located at the corner of State Street and Linguard Street, in downtown Charleston. The ads say that “the hotel’s location is ideal for visitors — or anyone that likes to shop — being within earshot of the historic City Market, one of the oldest public markets in the country.”  

This is so sad. Just learned that  Anne “Angie” Sinkler Whaley Le Clercq died  Thursday, June 19.  Angie is survived by her wonderful husband,  Fred, three sons and six grandchildren. Angie was born in Charleston. She is a graduate of Sweet Briar and Duke University. She received a masters in Library Sciences from Emory University, and a law degree with honors from the University of Tennessee College of Law. She was a Professor Emeritus and Head Librarian for The Daniel Library at The Citadel, from 1996-2011, and former head of the Undergraduate Library at the University of Tennessee. She has publishes four books with the University of South Carolina Press. Angie enlivened all of us at the Citadel and in Charleston when she and Fred moved here. She was quite a wonderful colleague, researcher, librarian, lawyer, and friend.  The quintessential Southern woman! So many wonderful memories.

ATG interviewed Angie in 1996  v.8# 2 and the interview  is online!

Kevin Smith tells us about a short Coursera MOOC on copyright designed for teachers and librarians at all levels. It will be offered starting July 21 and taught by three librarians/lawyers who specialize in this area  — Kevin, Anne Gilliland (UNC-CH0 and Lisa Macklin (Emory).

Speaking of lawyers, Bill Hannay (he will be in Charleston this year and he has threatened to dress up as some Oscar Wilde character!) sends word of the Apple settlement in the e-Book antitrust suit. As reported by Melissa Lipman, “Apple has settled hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damages claims from 33 state attorneys general and private class action plaintiffs… who had sought $700 million in damages.” Needless to say, the terms of the settlement were not disclosed.


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