Ebook Strategies for Librarians and Publishers; Bertelsmann to Stop Selling Books in German Speaking Market; ProQuest Will Launch New Historical Statistical Resource and Expanded Newspaper Archives; Global collection of science, engineering and technology content now available at the click of a button; OCLC and Elsevier partnership to ensure ScienceDirect holdings data kept up-to-date in WorldCat; Findings From Taylor & Francis Open Access Survey (June 2014) Released in New Report; and OCLC Researchers Reorder and Reinterpret Ranganathan’s Five Laws of Library Science For Today’s World.

alaAssnLogo_2 - americanlibrariesmagazine.org Ebook Strategies for Librarians and Publishers

American Libraries reports on a panel of librarians and publishers moderated by “E-Content Quarterly Editor Mirela Roncevic on Sunday that discussed “Leading with Ebooks: New Strategies for Librarians and Publishers.” The event was sponsored by Total BooX, an ebook provider that offers a pay-as-you-read model…”

According to GalleyCat “German media firm Bertelsmann SE will stop selling books in German-speaking markets in response to declining sales. The Wall Street Journal has the scoop: “The company’s retail locations as well as the online store, branded under the ‘Der Club’ label, will cease operations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by the end of 2015, spelling the end to almost all of Bertelsmann’s remaining bookselling activities…”

ProQuest has announced that it is expanding its “historical archives of newspaper content”  and offering an “inventive new statistical archive. Historical Statistical Abstracts of the U.S. digitizes more than 130 years of Statistical Abstracts of the U.S., extracts the tabular content, and converts it into an Excel format, making these annual collections of data on the United States and its people easy to search and access…”

KnowledgeSpeak reports that “… in order to make its Digital Library more accessible to individuals, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has launched a new flexible way to access high quality content in its IET Digital Library…”

WorldCat_Logo_KnowledgeSpeak also notes that OCLC, and Elsevier will work together to automate the process to keep e-book and e-journal holdings from ScienceDirect, Elsevier’s full-text platform for research literature, up-to-date in WorldCat and library catalogues. The automated process ensures seamless access to subscribed content without intervention from library staff…”

InfoDOCKET reports that “in the first few months of 2014 Taylor & Francis carried out a worldwide survey, with the aim of exploring journal authors’ views on open access…

Responses showed that positive attitudes towards open access, when discussed in general, are growing. There were significant increases in the proportions strongly agreeing that open access offered a wider circulation than publication in a subscription journal (from 38% to 49%), and that it offered higher visibility (27% to 35%)…”

According to InfoDOCKET “a new report published today by OCLC Senior Research Scientist Lynn Silipigni Connaway and Associate Research Scientist Ixchel Fanie. This report is titled Reordering Ranganathan: Shifting User Behaviors, Shifting Priorities and suggests that Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan’s Five Laws of Library Science can be reordered and reinterpreted to reflect today’s library resources and services, as well as the behaviors that people demonstrate when engaging with them.