ATG Quirkies: Joyce’s Ulysses as an interactive jigsaw puzzle

by | Jun 11, 2014 | 0 comments

Love word games? Take a look at this post on C|Net that literally wrestles with the words of James Joyce.

The focus is on the latest in a collection of ongoing experiments by Tel-Aviv-based designer and programmer Ariel Malka called called Chronotext that explores the relationships between text, space and time. This new one is “called He Liked Thick Word Soup, and it “sees the user manipulating long strings of text with their fingers to restore words to passages of James Joyce’s Ulysses…”

According to the designer Ariel Malka “there’s certainly a satisfying zen quality to it, from unravelling the threads to the slurping sound of the words being reabsorbed.”


(Thanks to John Riley of Gabriel Books  for providing ATG’s daily quirkies.)


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