ATG Star of the Week: Claudia Herman, Sales Representative, North America, ACCUCOMS

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Claudia Herman photo (2)Name: Claudia Herman
Title: Sales Representative, North America
Organization: ACCUCOMS

Born and Lived: In the city of Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs.

Professional Career and Activities: Sales and marketing professional.

Family: Three daughters between the ages 20,23 and 26. A husband and my favorite part of the family…my Parsons Jack Russell Perry Ellis.

In My Spare Time: I like to shop, sing, and perform in community theatre. Learning how to play the piano.

Favorite Books: To Kill A Mockingbird, Night, Day, The Bell Jar, She Comes Undone, The Help….and I could go on and on..

Pet Peeves: When people do not use their turn signals; When people do not clean up after their dogs when walking them.; People who talk on their cell phones so loudly you feel as if you are part of the conversation and wish you weren’t.

Philosophy: My philosophy is based on the law of attraction, What you put out into the universe, you will get back. So be aware of your intentions negative or positive.

Most Memorable Career Achievement: When I worked for Springhouse Publishing Company. I along with a few amazing individuals started their inside sales department. This group was directed to sell to health science bookstores and other retail bookstores in and around nursing programs throughout the US. We were highly successful with a business model that had never been used in retail/educational markets.

Goal I Hope to Achieve Five Years from Now: My goal is to finish putting my last daughter through college and bask in the glow of watching my amazing three daughters navigate successfully through their lives. Also, to be a successful sales representative for ACCUCOMS.

How/Where Do I See the Industry in Five Years: I see the days of large subscriptions to journals or other services already changed. No longer can academic libraries afford to take on the amount of journals and services they did even five years ago. There is a wave of change to purchasing single articles as needed and evaluating content based on usage, not just a need, a want or a must have simply because it looks good and would be useful for a program and/or instructor.

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