ATG Star of the Week: Adam Traub, Electronic Resources Librarian, Rochester Institute of Technology

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Adam Traub_01_HRName: Adam Traub
Title: Electronic Resources Librarian
Organization: Rochester Institute of Technology

Born and Lived: Born:  Rochester, NY. Lived:  In a van down by the river (aka “all over Western NY”)

Professional Career and Activities: Museum librarian, lifter-of-heavy-things, tech-breaker, resource sharing fanboy, meat-packer.

Family: In an unfortunate plot twist, George R.R. Martin killed off all of them.

In My Spare Time: Ultimate (frisbee), working through Jacques Pepin’s recipes, sipping wine, playing with my dog, and the occasional video game.

Favorite Books: Currently:  The Last Policeman series by Ben Winters. Previously:  Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Indian Killer

Pet Peeves: Reality TV, questions on how to cite in a particular style, cable bundles, Terry Gross’ style (don’t get me wrong, she makes Fresh Air a great show), food made without passion.

Philosophy: In vino veritas.

Most Memorable Career Achievement: Presenting with Roy Tennant and Mike Beccaria.

Goal I Hope to Achieve Five Years from Now: Get all our library systems to play nicely with one another, regardless of vendor, to give our stakeholders a seamless library experience, using a minimum number of hacks/workarounds.

How/Where Do I See the Industry in Five Years: How:Not well or I’d be a rich man by now…or maybe I’m bluffing! Where: 5 years from now. Seriously though, vendors, just build native APIs and systems that can ingest those APIs and we’d be a much happier profession.

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