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Springer statement on SCIgen-generated papers in conference proceedings; USC Digital Repository will manage and preserve 50 years of Oscar telecasts; New CLIR Report examines what academic Libraries can learn from their users; SAGE acquires The Goodwin Group International; COUNTER 4 reports now available to SAGE customers; Apple asks federal appeals court to overturn finding in antitrust case; and AAAS to participate in Copyright Clearance Center’s Republication Service

springer logo Springer statement on SCIgen-generated papers in conference proceedings

Springer has published a response toPublishers withdraw more than 120 gibberish papersthe recent article posted by Richard Van Noorden and posted on the Nature website. It reads in part:

“As reported in the media, on 11 February 2014 we were alerted to 16 fake submissions that were published in conference proceedings in Springer publications, mostly in computer sciences and engineering. The submissions were generated by the SCIgen computer program, which creates nonsense documents. We were alerted to this fact by Dr Cyril Labbé, a French researcher who has written an article on how to detect SCIgen-generated papers in the Springer journal Scientometrics in January 2013.

We are in the process of taking the papers down as quickly as possible. This means that they will be removed, not retracted, since they are all nonsense. A placeholder notice will be put up once the papers have been removed. Furthermore, we are looking into our procedures to find the weakness that could allow something like this to happen, and we will adapt our processes to ensure it does not happen again…”

Citing a BusinessWire press release , InfoDOCKET reports that “the University of Southern California Digital Repository, in partnership with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the Academy), will manage and preserve a 320-terabyte collection of audiovisual materials created by the Academy over the last 50 years.

 Digital Preservation: USC Digital Repository Wil Manage and Preserve 50 Years of Oscar TelecastsThe Academy collection covers thousands of hours of video footage documenting the Academy Awards ceremony, and other programs and events that comprise the institutional history of the Academy. The collection also includes the Academy Film Archive’s digital restoration elements of film preservation projects. Highlights of recent digital restorations include feature films such as The Life and Death of Colonel BlimpThe Big Country and Rashomon, as well as numerous animated films, documentaries and silent era shorts…

The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) has published “Participatory Design in Academic Libraries: New Reports and Findings.” The report looks at how staff at eight academic institutions lCLIR-logo - www.clir.orgearned more about how students and faculty use their libraries, and how the staff used these findings to improve library technologies, space, and services.

Participatory design is a recent approach to understanding library user behavior. It is based on techniques used in anthropological and ethnographic observation. The report’s editor, anthropologist Nancy Fried Foster, led several participatory design workshops for CLIR from 2007 to 2013…”

According to this press release “SAGE, the global independent scholarly and professional publisher, announced today the acquisition of The Goodwin Group International, LLC, publisher of MD Conference Express®, the first publication to subject medical conference highlights to the rigorous test of peer review.

The acquisition will strengthen SAGE’s ability to disseminate peer-reviewed content in medical disciplines and will complement SAGE’s current portfolio of more than 150 medical journals published on behalf of more than 100 medical societies…”

Another press release from SAGE notes that “Institutional Reports from COUNTER 4, the latest standard in usage reporting for journals, databases, books, and multimedia content, are now available for all SAGE and CQ Press products. This update retires COUNTER 3 reports and adds three new reports to those previously available…”

According to the US News and World Report “Apple filed papers on Tuesday telling a federal appeals court in New York that a julaw & justice - microsoft clip artdge’s finding it violated antitrust laws by manipulating electronic book prices “is a radical departure” from modern antitrust law that will “chill competition and harm consumers” if allowed to stand.

Apple filed its formal written arguments before the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, asking the appeals court to overturn the judgment in Apple’s favor, or grant a new trial in front of a different judge…”

KnowledgeSpeak reports that the “Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC) has announced that the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) will be participating in CCC’s Republication Service. Copyright clearance center

The Republication Service is a one-stop digital marketplace to acquire and give republication rights, simplifying the process of negotiating those rights while helping secure permission to republish content from the world’s most sought-after works in a single transaction…”

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