The Vicky Speck ABC-CLIO Leadership Award

by | Nov 7, 2013 | 0 comments

Vicky Speck Award Presentation

(L-R) Karen Treat, Audrey Powers, Katina Strauch

The Vicky Speck ABC-CLIO Leadership Award is given each year at the Charleston Conference to a leader who has made a lasting contribution to the Conference’s mission.  The award consists of a plaque and $500 cash award.  This year’s recipient is Audrey Powers, Associate Librarian, Academic Services, University of South Florida.  Audrey has been active in the Charleston Conference for over 10 years and organizes and coordinates the Dine Arounds, groups of attendees who meet at a restaurant and discuss a topic of interest over dinner.  The award was presented by Karen Treat, Manager, Digital Production at ABC-CLIO.


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