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pic2By Katina Strauch

Are y’all paying attention to the great ATG News Channel postings? Was recently perusing a copy of How Books Came to America: The Rise of the American Book Trade which is part of the Penn State Series in the History of the Book. Did you notice that it was a book of the week for Against the Grain back in May?

 And we just posted Wrap-Up of Publishers for Development 2013: Exploring the Importance of Research for Global Development by Abby Clobridge

Did you notice that on the wonderful schedule app on which Leah Hinds (what would I do without her?) has put the conference sessions, we can see the recently active speakers in a section all their own? Then you can go and see what they will be speaking about.  Try it out!  

Sandy Thatcher, once of Penn State University Press, will be at the Conference this year. His concurrent session panel, “Who Will Do Non-Profit Scholarly Publishing in the Future, and How?” will include Kathleen Fitzpatrick from the Modern Language Association, one of our keynote speakers.

 Just a few more tidbits!

Rene Erlandson (Director, Virtual Services, The University of Nebraska Omaha’s Criss Library, Omaha, NE) will be speaking Saturday about “Tools, People and Processes: Managing Change Holistically.” Rene has worked in libraries for almost 30 years. Her passions include traveling, coffee houses and museums—more or less in that order.

Aron Wolf (Software Developer at Serial Solutions) Aron holds an MLIS from the University of WashingtonSchool of Information and will be speaking about “One IOTA at a time: A Case Study of OpenURL Success Metrics.”  Aron is speaking at a concurrent on Thursday. 

Nikki DeMoville (Electronic Resources Coordinator, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA) has worked with serials of all varieties since 1989, and with electronic resources since 2006. She earned her undergraduate degree at Cal Poly and is currently enrolled in the MLIS Distance Education program at The University of Alabama. Her topic:  “ Will It Blend? A Practical Approach to Evaluating the Big Deal.” She will be soeaing at a concurrent on Friday.

Tammy Sugarman (Interim Dean of University Libraries, Georgia State University) will be speaking at a concurrent on Thursday “ Can Librarians and Information Providers Foster Productive Discussions Over Product Value, Change Management, and Sustainability.”

All these and more can be found at

See y’all soon in Charleston!

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