ATG Star of the Week: Connie Mead, Operations Group Leader, Wheaton College

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CMead-1cName:Connie Mead
Position: Operations Group Leader
Institution: Buswell Library, Wheaton College,


Born and Lived: Born in Mishawaka, Indiana and lived there until college graduation. Then, moved to Chicago and been here ever since.

Professional Career and Activities: Until joining Wheaton College – Buswell Library in 2010, worked in corporate, social service non-profit, publishing, and entrepreneurial companies doing writing/editing, marketing, product development, division and company management. Use my M.B.A. and professional experience to lead strategic initiatives and create unique and innovative solutions.

Family: Loving husband is commercial photographer and communication specialist. Two great children: son is an engineer and daughter is an artist specializing in sculpting

In My Spare Time: I like to read fiction, sew, work on home remodeling projects, lead missions team at church, assist ministry to disadvantaged urban youth, and spend time with my extended family.

Favorite Books: Black Like Me

Pet Peeves: Racism, sexism, classism

Philosophy: I desire to live my life to make a positive difference in the lives of oppressed peoples, especially where their poverty and oppression are in stark contrast to affluent neighbors.

Most Memorable Career Achievement: Creation and leadership of  innovative programming for homeless teen mothers and their children, that results in the teens acquiring high school education, career-readiness training, career jobs, and good parenting skills. Program recognized locally and nationally for exceptional outcomes and cost-effectiveness.

Goals I Hope to Achieve Five Years from Now: To be a part in making significant differences in more urban  disadvantaged and minority youth lives that allow them to access mainstream America’s schools, careers, and housing.

How/Where Do I See the Industry in Five Years: I think the industry will continue on the trajectory of creating better “mousetraps” – better ways to discover and access information. I think print will remain dominate in scholarly works, with e-books continuing to morph and mature as a delivery means but not as the primary format.

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