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News & Announcements 7/5/13

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NIH sees surge in open-access manuscripts; Innovative Interfaces updates Encore; Sequel pulled from Kickstarter for copyright infringement; PLOS journals optimized for tablets; Nook: shelved by Barnes & Noble; Elsevier announces the launch of a new journal;

nih-headquarters - schoolstarttime.org NIH Sees Surge in Open-Access Manuscripts

Citing Nature News Blog, InfoDOCKET reports that US National Institutes of Health (NIH) is seeing positive results from a crackdown on enforcement of its public access policy that it began in the spring of 2013. “In May, authors approved more than 10,000 peer-reviewed manuscripts arising from NIH-funded research to go into the agency’s online free repository, PubMed Central. That’s a huge jump from the average 5,100 per month in 2011–12, and suggests the agency is nearing its goal of getting everyone it funds to make their papers publicly available. (Numbers available in csv format; the NIH also publishes them, so far without the May update, here)…”

“Following a rigorous value assessment, the Libraries on the ten UC campuses and the California Digital Library (CDL) have discontinued their systemwide Taylor & Francis journals license in favor of local campus subscriptions effective January 1, 2013.  Three important systemwide principles were the basis for the decision:  achieving sustainable pricing, better aligning cost to value, and maintaining the highest quality journal content possible across a broad range of disciplines…”

A post in Information Today notes that  “Innovative Interfaces released Encore ES, a new version of its Encore Synergy discovery application. EBSCO Discovery Service’s full-text articles are now integrated into Encore ES along with ebooks from 3M Cloud Library and OverDrive. The company plans to update Encore ES with more vendors in the future…”

 copyright - microsoft clip art

Laura Hazard Owen reports in PaidContent that “a sequel to Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are was pulled from Kickstarter after publisher HarperCollins issued a takedown notice…”

Since being redesigned in Dec. 2012 PLOS journals have “always worked on tablets.”  However, according to their blog, PLOS is now optimizing their journals to suit tablets “as part of our continued roll-out of site enhancements to meet the needs of our community…  new site features … such as more prominent figures and a figshare widget to visualize Supporting Information files, are ideally suited to the tablet’s touch interface. Improvements to content navigation are also supported by the addition of touch and swipe capability…”

According to TeleRead, “late last week Barnes & Noble, Inc. announced that it will no longer be producing most of the NOOK line of tablets on their own, bowing out of competition with Apple, Google, and Amazon.com for the battle of the e-book reader.

Elsevierlogo120KnowledgeSpeak reports that “STM publisher Elsevier has announced the launch of a new journal – Water Resources and Economics. The journal is published in association with the International Water Association (IWA) and the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE). The first issue of the journal is a special issue presenting findings from the 10th Annual Meeting of the International Water Resource Economics Consortium and is now available for free online on ScienceDirect…”



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