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by | Mar 21, 2013 | 1 comment

by Jonathan H. Harwell, Rollins College

Lots going on!  And the news waits for no one.  So here’s the hottest topic of the moment, as well as some other notes I’m catching up on.

Shazam!  The Supreme Court has just upheld the right of first sale.  Here’s the opinion, for all you law geeks.  All you ever wanted to know about this is explained by the AP article (via the Washington Post), the Library Copyright Alliance, Kevin Smith at Duke, and Jennifer Howard in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

In other news you might have missed over the past several weeks, Kevin Smith reports from the Berlin 10 Conference on Open Access.

A research article on the dangers of ranking journals with impact factors & such.

My friend James Jacobs (with only 1330 others so far, at last count) is petitioning the US government to go all in for open access to its publications.

Amazon now has a rather interesting patent on a “secondary market for digital objects,” as explained by GeekWire.

American Libraries has interviewed Jenica Rogers at SUNY-Potsdam about protesting ACS pricing.

FireDogLake has Aaron Swartz’ FBI files, which were written up in the Guardian.  MIT is now preparing to release redacted files on Swartz.  The Secret Service says no way.

There’s more on that OSTP memo on open access at InsideHigherEd, the New York Times.

A group of booksellers have sued Amazon and the “big six” publishers over DRM.

Jeffrey Beall at UC-Denver has been accused of libel, for his list of predatory publishers.

Apparently the Library of Congress’ Chronicling America site for historic newspapers is less than ¼ the size of the one this guy made in his living room.

You only have weeks to prepare for the big launch of the Digital Public Library of America.  Here’s a glimpse.  Here’s a feature in American Libraries.  And speaking of the right of first sale, John Palfrey (the head of DPLA’s Board of Directors) has a few things to say about how it relates to DPLA.

A major anthropology journal is getting ready to go open access.

End of May in Dallas:  an open access symposium.

And I expect this is the oldest e-book you’ve seen in a while, and it’s open access.

Y’all quit making news so fast.  It’s hard to keep up.

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