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More ebook metadata in WorldCat; San Antonio plans a bookless libraries; eBooks on EBSCOhost to be available via Ingram’s OASIS; GFII responds to EC open Access recommendations; MetaMetrics signs new partners to provide Lexile reading measures; a Research Council UK statement on equality and diversity; and BioMed Central launches Journal of Eating Disorders.

 More publishers add eBook metadata to WorldCat

“OCLC has signed new agreements with leading publishers around the world to add more e-book metadata to WorldCat, the most comprehensive online database of resources available through libraries worldwide.

This new WorldCat metadata will be integrated into library management workflows using OCLC’s cataloging services and discoverable by users through a variety of library discovery services, including WorldCat Local and…”

The Christian Science Monitor reports that “a San Antonio library is planning to open one of the country’s first bookless libraries this fall.

That’s right, BiblioTech, a $1.5 million Bexar County paperless library will have scores of computer terminals, laptops, tablets, and e-readers – but not a dog-eared classic or dusty reference book in sight.

“Think of an Apple store,” Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, who led his county’s bookless library project, told NPR when describing the planned library…”

Information Today reports that “EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) and Ingram Content Group Inc. announced an agreement aimed at benefitting mutual customers of Ingram’s OASIS (Online Acquisitions and Selection Information System) and eBooks on EBSCOhost. The agreement will allow libraries to order eBooks on EBSCOhost through OASIS. EBSCO is the first outside ebook provider to be incorporated into OASIS…”

Recommendations of the European Commission on Open Access : GFII’s first comments

“GFII, an association for the information industry in France, has issued a press release (Friday, January 11, 2013) commenting on European Commission recommendations regarding open access… ”  (This post includes “a rough-and-ready” translation of the first paragraphs by Ann Okerson, liblicense-l moderator. The full press release is in French only and may be found at:

Market Watch reports that “MetaMetrics, developer of the widely adopted Lexile Framework for Reading, is pleased to announce that 18 new publishing partners have signed on this past quarter to provide Lexile measures for their titles. Lexile measures offer valuable information about a book’s text complexity so that readers can select texts that best match their unique reading ability and goals. Recognized globally as the most widely used reading metric, tens of millions of Lexile measures are reported annually from reading assessments and programs…”

RCUK unveils statement to promote equality and diversity in research

KnowledgeSpeak reports that the  Research Councils UK (RCUK) has unveiled its new Statement of Expectations for Equality and Diversity, which is intended to drive more rapid cultural change in the management of equality and diversity in institutions receiving Research Council funding.

In line with legislation in the Equality Act 2010, higher education institutions must have policies in place to address equality and diversity issues. RCUK has developed the Statement to assess whether these policies are working in practice, embedded at all levels in institutions, and take account of the whole spectrum of equality and diversity issues.

Knowledge Speak also notes that “open access publisher BioMed Central has announced the launch of the Journal of Eating Disorders. This journal launch marks a significant development in this area of research. It claims to be the first open access journal of its kind… The journal aims to disseminate research that provides answers to the important issues and key challenges in the field and to facilitate translation of evidence into practice…”


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