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Today’s News: Amherst’s new open access press housed in the library; Hachette has a new deal with Amazon and Barnes & Noble; Kobo partners with Irish bookseller Hughes & Hughes; The Economist unbundles tablet editions from print; Ingram’s VitalSource adds 60 new publishers; and Data Attribution and Citation Practices report now available.

 Amherst College Introduces Open-Access Press for the Liberal Arts

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that “Amherst College’s new digital-publishing effort, announced on Wednesday and known as Amherst College Press, will publish peer-reviewed contributions from scholars working in a small range of liberal-arts disciplines. The college plans to hire a director and two editors to run the new operation, which will be housed in the college’s library and will produce books in formats common to most e-readers.

(A more in-depth article entitled “A New (Kind of) Scholarly Press” can be found at Inside Higher ED.)

Hachette’s Inks New Deal With Amazon, Barnes & Noble

The Digital Reader is reporting based on lowered prices and a different sell page that Hachette has a new deal with Amazon and Barnes & Noble per an agreement that the book publisher signed with the Department of Justice to settle on the issue of ebook price-fixing.

According to The Digital Reader, prices on Hachette books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble have been lowered by $1 to $4. Further, the ubiquitous “this price was set by the publisher” disclaimer that Amazon displays near the price for books published by agency publishers like Random House and Penguin is now gone for Hachette books…”

 Kobo partners with Hughes & Hughes

According to Book Seller  the “Irish bookseller Hughes & Hughes has partnered with Kobo to supply e-readers and e-books.

The chain will sell the Kobo Mini for €89.95 and the Kobo Glo for €135.95. Readers will be able to download “over three million e-book titles including bestsellers, hidden gems, indie picks and personalised recommendations” from the Kobo site…”

Digital Subs Rising, The Economist Unbundles Tablet Editions From Print

Ad Age notes that “ The Economist last month stopped bundling app access with all new print subscriptions, charging more to newcomers who want both and introducing a print option that comes without apps.”  This post carries an interview with “Michael Brunt, senior VP-head of circulation for the Americas and global head of marketing at Economist Digital, to explain why The Economist decided to unbundle now and how the early results are looking…”

Sixty new publishers add content to Ingram’s VitalSource e-textbook platform to reach the education market

“Vital Source Technologies, Inc., Ingram Content Group’s leading e-textbook solution for publishers, academic institutions, and students, today announced that sixty new publishers have added more than 35,000 new digital textbooks and online course materials to its VitalSource Bookshelf platform…”

 For Attribution-Developing Data Attribution and Citation Practices and Standards Report Available

Clifford Lynch At CNI reports the availability of  a “recent report from the National Academies Board on Research Data and Information (which I currently co-chair) covering data citation and attribution. This report, based on a workshop held in August 2011 in Berkeley, California, is particularly useful because it looks at the issues broadly and analytically, as opposed to simply describing and advocating for one of the specific solutions that are currently being advanced…”

Additional information about the background of this project is available on the Board’s website.

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