Video interviews: Can print and ebooks can coexist; stats on the “great promise of mobile”; a book publishing platform in open-source; an Amazon Crackdown on book reviews and Chemistry files on Dialog.

 MediaShift . VIDEO: Can Print and E-Books Coexist? | PBS. In this post Joshua Davis of PBS’ MediaShift website conducts video interviews with  bookstore owners and readers in Chapel Hill and Durham, N.C.  Joshua was particularly fascinated to hear from a number of people who are reading both.

  • What does an open-source book publishing platform look like? We’re about to find out   This post from the PandoDaily website reports that “two-year-old PressBooks has announced that it is making its free book publishing software open source.”  Founder Hugh McGuire is “a Montreal-based entrepreneur who also founded crowdsourced audiobooks publisher Librivox,” and “hopes that third-party developers can help PressBooks expand the meaning and utility of ebooks.”  According to the article this is one more effort in the micropublishing movement to make ebook publishing easy and convenient.
  • Giving Mom’s Book Five Stars? Amazon May Cull Your Review  According to this article in the New York Times  “After several well-publicized cases involving writers buying or manipulating their reviews, Amazon is cracking down” and has deleted thousands of reviews.  Whether this is an attempt at quality control no one is saying.  But what is more obvious is that it has created a much needed discussion on the nature, meaning, and value of reviews and reviewing.  (The article has some 390 comments.)
  • Chemistry Files on Dialog  This piece from Information Today reports on the demise of chemistry files on Dialog and on Questel.   According to author the deleted files are “CA Search (the Chemical Abstracts file), ChemSearch (a CAS-produced registry file), and Chemical Industry Notes (CIN).”  In addition to providing some excellent background on the situation, Robert reports that “ProQuest is actively working on rolling out its ProQuest/Dialog platform including seeking other chemistry-oriented files…”

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