ATG Star of the Week: Maureen Beck, Director of Library Services, Stevenson University

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Name: Maureen Beck
Title: Director of Library Services,
Organization: Stevenson University, Stevenson, MD
Email: [email protected]


Born and Lived: Gallitzin, Pennsylvania. Living in Catonsville, Maryland.

Professional Career and Activities: Academic Library Director, with over thirty years of experience in academic public services. Started out as a special collections librarian. Broad background in humanities and social sciences reference; teaching and writing experience in the academic library environment; management of academic library public services. Involved in the Maryland Digital Library and the Maryland Ebook Advisory Committee.

Family: I am married to an engineer who is learning to be a Master Gardener. We live with 2 rescued dogs and one cat.

In My Spare Time: I love to read vegetarian cookbooks and watch British television mysteries and comedies. Currently watching New Tricks and Inspector Lewis. Reading Gluten Free Girl.I am also learning to sculpt and cast in plaster.

Favorite Books: Probably Pride and Prejudice.

Pet Peeves: People who waste food and who don’t at least make an attempt to recycle some of what they are using!

Philosophy: Everything is flawed, and some flaws can lead to serendipitous discovery.

Most Memorable Career Achievement: Surviving my first year as a newbie academic library director.

Goals I Hope to Achieve Five Years from Now: Life balance and leaving a positive legacy for my successor at Stevenson. I also hope to do more writing.

How/Where Do I See the Industry in Five Years: Much more emphasis on virtual collections, sophisticated e-resource management systems, with a counter-balancing trend toward the physical book as artifact and collections that capture local interests.

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