E-book Workflow from Inquiry to Access: Facing the Challenges to Implementing E-book Access at the University of Nevada, Reno

Written by Amalia Beisler and Lisa Kurt of the University of Nevada, Reno this article addresses the challenge academic libraries face in managing “the acquisition and access of both individual and package e-book titles.”  The article acknowledges that libraries have adeptly managed the transition to purchasing e-journals and e-journal packages but ebooks pose a unique set of problems that must be addressed.  Authors Beisler and Kurt “explore how a cross-departmental team in the University of Nevada, Reno Libraries collaborated to analyze and refine the workflow for the e-book lifecycle, from the point of inquiry through acquisition, access management, and end of life.”

The article also provide a sample SharePoint form for tracking e-books and in-depth workflow procedures.

(This appears in vol. 4, no. 3 (2012) of Collaborative Librarianship on pages 96-116.)