ATG Article of the Week: 25 Libraries We Most Love on Pinterest

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25 Libraries We Most Love on Pinterest

With the growing popularity of the Pinterest we thought this was a post that a lot of people would want to know about.  It’s from the OEDb website (Online Education Database) and offers 25 example of how libraries are harnessing Pinterest “to push education and literacy causes to the digital generation.”  The post chronicles a variety of examples ranging from the New York Public Library to the UNLV Architecture Studies Library and from the David L. Rice Library at University of Southern Indiana to Alabama’s Birmingham Public Library.

We couldn’t help but notice that it also dovetails nicely with a recent Cris Ferguson’s “Technology Left Behind” column in Against the Grain entitled Pinning in the Library.”  In this article Cris provides excellent background for anyone wanting to learn more about Pinterest.  The article sheds light on who started the service, what it does, and how it works.  Of course, Cris also notes that “among the organizations, companies, and institutions using Pinterest are a wide variety of libraries.”  She provides her own examples including “the Richmond Public Library, UC Davis Law Library, Union College Library, UVa Library, Bennett (Elementary School) Library, and the U.S. National Archives, and then goes on to note how Pinterest is being used at a couple of these libraries;  “Richmond Public Library has a boards devoted to ongoing library renovations, pictures of famous people reading, and favorite books about food, whereas the Bennett Library has created boards for iPad Apps, SMART Board tools, and technology integration.”

Exploring both the OEDbpost and Cris’ article will provide a host of ideas for those wanting to utilize Pinterest in new and creative ways.  Check them out and prepared to be amazed.

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