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Google files for summary judgement; Amazon wipes download data for public domain books; an OCLC report on regional print collections; SPIE announces another price freeze; PrairieCat Consortium goes live with Sierra; and People in the News.

Google files motion for summary judgment, insists Google Books is fair use, has not harmed any book sales

This post from TeleRead says that “PaidContent has a copy of Google’s motion for summary judgment, and a summary of what it says. Google makes the case that its scanning of all those copyrighted books qualifies as fair use, and cites numerous examples of beneficial outcomes that have come out of the availability of that information to be searched. It also insists that inclusion in the search has been beneficial, not harmful, to sales of the books it has scanned, and even well-known literary agencies like William Morris recognize that.”

For the complete details see the PaidContent article : Google says book scanning didn’t cost authors a single sale

Amazon wipes years of download data for free public-domain e-books

TeleRead also notes that the “Foner Books’s blog reports that Amazon has lately reassigned new ASINs (Amazon Sales Identification Numbers) to thousands of free public domain e-books. This has the practical effect of orphaning them from their sales histories and reviews, and making thousands and thousands of web links to them no longer work…   The Foner Books blogger doesn’t think this is the result of any sort of nefarious plot or conspiracy by Amazon to kill off free public-domain books. Rather, it’s that Amazon just doesn’t care that much about them, and doesn’t worry that it just wiped out several years of data and sent the free public-domain titles back to day one.”

The complete Foner Books’s blog reports is at: Free Now Harder To Find On Amazon

New Report: “Print Management at ‘Mega-scale’: A Regional Perspective on Print Book Collections in North America”

According to OCLC “this report provides insight into the characteristics of regionally consolidated print collections, key relationships across these collections, and their implications for system-wide issues such as information access, mass digitization, resource sharing, and preservation of library resources.

Written by OCLC Researchers Brian Lavoie, Constance Malpas and JD Shipengrover, Print Management at “Mega-scale”: A Regional Perspective on Print Book Collections in North America combines urbanist Richard Florida’s mega-regions concept with WorldCat data to construct twelve regionally consolidated print book collections.

SPIE Acts in Support of Affordable Library Pricing for Fourth Straight Year

“The SPIE Digital Library…  has announced another price freeze for subscribers in 2013. At the same time, an additional 40,000 articles from 1962–1989 are being added to the collection, at no additional cost to subscribers.  This is the fourth consecutive year that SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, has reduced or frozen subscription prices for the SPIE Digital Library…”

The PrairieCat Consortium (IL) Live on the Sierra Services Platform

“Innovative announced today that the PrairieCat Consortium is now live on the Sierra Services Platform. Supporting the large, multi-type library system, Sierra provides the PrairieCat member libraries integrated resource management, plus fully featured library workflows that deliver core functionality and performance. The PrairieCat Consortium is migrating to Sierra from a SirsiDynix Symphony™ ILS…”


People in the News:


Stephen S. Hecht, Ph.D., named new Editor-in-Chief of Chemical Research in Toxicology

“The American Chemical Society (ACS) announces that Stephen S. Hecht, Ph.D., will take over as Editor-in-Chief of Chemical Research in Toxicology in January 2013. Hecht is the Winston R. and Maxine H. Wallin Land Grant Professor of Cancer Prevention and American Cancer Society Professor at the Masonic Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, and currently serves as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.”

Dr. Ling Chen Named Editor in Chief of Management Communication Quarterly

Dr. Ling Chen has been appointed as the incoming Editor in Chief of Management Communication Quarterly (MCQ), effective in the summer of 2012. Dr. Chen will be replacing Dr. James Barker who has served as editor for MCQ since 2006.


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