ATG Book of the Week: The Digital Squeeze: Libraries at the Crossroads – Academic Libraries Edition

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The Digital Squeeze: Libraries at the Crossroads – Academic Libraries Edition:  The LRG Benchmark Study on 2012 Library Spending Plans
Download: $159.00.
Author:  Joseph McKendrick


This is an in-depth sector report from Information Today Inc. –  Learning Resource Guide on academic library spending and spending priorities for 2012. Data is reported on by size of the institutions’ full-time enrollment: fewer than 2,500; 2,500–5,000;5,000–10,000; 10,000–plus. More than 470 academic libraries report their total budgets by category, as well as past budget experience and forecast budgets for 2012. Categories of spending are broken down by library size and include all major expenditures: staff, IT, print and electronic collections, operations, and more.”  This is a up-to-date resource intended “for strategic planning and budget proposals and presentations, all information is supported by an extensive explanatory narrative by Unisphere Research analyst Joseph McKendrick.

Information provided includes:
• Changes in library spending reported by full-time enrollment (FTE)
• Changes in budget by key spending areas
• Actions taken to manage or respond to budget cuts and freezes
• Areas seeing increased spending or support during the next year
reported on by FTE served
• Funding sources by FTE
• Consortia participation
• Changes in demand for print versus electronic resources
• Content acquisition as a percentage of budget by FTE
• Changes in spending by FTE served for IT and online subscriptions
• IT products in use and planned for acquisition during the next
year by FTE
• Priorities and challenges for the coming year by FTE”

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