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Today’s menu includes a call for grant proposals from the Elsevier Foundation, and updated findings from ebrary’s Global Student eBook Survey.

The Elsevier Foundation Calls for 2012 New Scholars and Innovative Libraries Proposals

The Elsevier Foundation is seeking new grant proposals for the 2012 New Scholars and Innovative Libraries in Developing Countries programs. The deadline for proposals is June 24th 2012. Grants will be awarded in December 2012 and provide one, two and three year awards between US$5,000 to US$50,000 per year for a total of $100,000. The Elsevier Foundation will accept proposals from May 1st through June 24th on

Survey Suggests Student E-book Usage Stronger in the UK than Other Regions

Students in the United Kingdom who recently participated in ebrary’s Global Student E-book Survey reported a greater preference for digital over printed books and higher usage than their global counterparts in a similar survey conducted in 2011.  When asked how often they would choose e-books over printed books, 58% of UK students stated they would “very often” to “often” choose the digital version if it were available compared to 48% of global respondents.  Over 85% of UK students indicated they use e-books up to 10 hours per week and only 10% stated that they never use e-books.  In contrast, 52% of global participants indicated they use e-books up to 10 hours per week, and another 46% stated they never use e-books.  Approximately 5% of UK students indicated they use e-books more than 10 hours per week compared to 2% of global respondents. Read full press release online.


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