News and Announcements 4/10/12

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  Big Six publishers decline to renew contract with Amazon over unfavorable terms

TeleRead’s Chris Meadows reports on an article appearing in Salon Magazine that “claims that the Big Six publishers are taking a page from the Independent Publishing Group’s book and declining to renew their contract with Amazon over what they see as an Amazon price gouge.”  Mr. Meadows goes on to say “if the contracts are permitted to expire the way IPG’s was, will Amazon delist the Big Six publishers’ e-books the way it did IPG’s? That would be something to see. And of course this comes right when the publishers and Apple are under antitrust investigation for the agency pricing scheme they forced onto Amazon.” (Here is the full Salon article: Amazon’s $1 million secret.)

 Information Resources Management Association and IGI Global Partner to Support Open Access

“Showing support for the open access movement, the Information Resources Management Association (IRMA) has partnered with IGI Global to release 250 free articles every three months beginning April 1, 2012 and continuing through January 2013. This is on top of the 2,000+ research papers already available through IRMA’s website (…

IRMA is an organization that supports the advancement of technology by publishing scholarly journals and organizing various educational and award programs in support of excellent research in information resources management in organizations worldwide. Through several non-profit and open access initiatives such as this one, the organization promotes the sharing of technology-related research and academic collaboration.

For inquiries regarding this open access initiative, please contact”


 Northern Light Introduces Discovery Portals

“Northern Light Group, LLC is rolling out a new research tool that it is calling a discovery portal. Northern Light Discovery differs from the company’s SinglePoint portal in that it’s not customized for each specific customer. SinglePoint subscribers can access both internal and external content, with the proviso that they must have the legal rights to do so… According to Northern Light’s CEO, C. David Seuss, a significant content type included in the discovery portal is conference abstracts and poster presentations at scientific conferences…”

ebrary to Add Over 10,000 Quality E-books Across Models for Strategic E-book Acquisition

To strengthen its new approach to strategic e-book acquisition based on three steps: Transition, Diversify, and Streamline™, ebrary, is expanding its e-book selection across acquisition models. More than 1,800 new e-books from Wiley and 2,300 new titles from publishers including Princeton University Press and World Scientific & Imperial College Press will be available in Academic Complete, which will offer unlimited access to a growing selection of more than 75,000 quality titles. An additional 6,300 e-books from publishers such as MIT Press, Oxford University Press, and University of Illinois Press will be available through other ebrary models including patron driven acquisition, short-term loan, and perpetual archive. Titles can be ordered through ebrary as well as partners and book vendors such as YBP…”



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