Caught My Eye: Differing Results from Two Studies of UK and US Undergraduates

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Differing  Results from Two Studies of UK and US undergraduates

INFOdocket reports on two new studies one from Bowker entitled British University Students Still Crave Print, Says New BML Study and the other from the Pearson Foundation called New Survey Finds Dramatic Increase in Tablet Ownership Among College Students and High School Seniors in the U.S.   While both these studies attest to the the growing use of ebooks, there is a difference in perceptions when it comes to print resources. 

In the UK “88 percent of undergraduates still use printed books and lecturer handouts, a decline from 95 percent in 2003. Further, online journals are growing in popularity, with nearly 80 percent of students embracing them, up from 66 percent in 2003.  Print continues its hold as a key resource for at least two-thirds of students.

However, in the US  “the majority of students now prefer digital to print. Almost six in 10 college students prefer digital over print when reading books for fun (57%) or textbooks for class (58%). This is a reversal from last year, when more college students preferred print over digital; this trend also holds true among high school seniors. The survey reveals that more students are reading digital books, and that a majority of college students (63%) and high school seniors (69%) believe that tablets will effectively replace textbooks within the next five years.”

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