Stars of the Week: Rick Lugg and Ruth Fischer, Sustainable Collection Services LLC

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Title: Partners

Organization:  Sustainable Collection Services LLC

Address: 63 Woodwell’s Garrison, Contoocook, NH 03229

Phone: 603-746-5991

Fax:  603-746-6052

email: [email protected]; [email protected]


Blog: (or google “Rick Lugg blog”)

Born and lived: Rick: A New Hampshire native: “Live Free or Die.” Ruth: College Park, MD; Earlham College; and after 27 years, still a newcomer to New Hampshire.

professional career and activities: Rick: 18 years at YBP; 11 years at R2; 1 year at SCS. Ruth: Teacher and administrator at independent schools; 10 years at YBP; 11 years at R2; 1 year at SCS.

family: Emily, 27, is a visual artist. Lincoln, 23, is an engineer.

favorite books: Rick: “Lonesome Dove”; Ruth: “The Once and Future King”

philosophy: Ruth: “People don’t change.” Rick: “All life consists of moving objects from one place to another.”

most memorable career achievements: Both: Building a profiling decision-support system at YBP in 1993; creating and growing R2 Consulting; staying married while working together for nearly 20 years!

how/where do I see the industry in five years: Collection development will continue to evolve toward curation of a discovery environment. Instead of deliberately trying to identify titles most relevant to a discipline, broad categories of material that may be relevant will be enhanced for optimum discoverability, immediate delivery (in either print or digital form), and partial or temporary use.

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