Caught My Eye: New Copryright Resources from ARL

by | Feb 25, 2012 | 0 comments

Anyone interested in copyright issues will welcome the two excellent resources highlighted in ARL’s most recent Weekly Update.  Noted copyright attorney Jonathan Band’s “A New Day for Website Archiving 2.0,” is an updated analysis focusing on “legal arguments available to support website archiving by research libraries.”  Since 2006, Band has argued that website archiving is protected by fair use and in his new analysis he feels that the evidence supporting this view has only gotten stronger.  Assuming that Band is right, a number of research libraries may breath a sigh of relief given that they are already archiving webpages “as part of their mission to collect and preserve cultural artifacts.”

Those of a more visual mindset will be happy to see that the Videos of ARL Code of Best Practices in Fair Use Talks at UCLA (Feb. 24, ’12) have been posted on ARL’s YouTube channel.  There are also other videos of interest located here including five more that that focus on the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use, 2012

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