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Here is a digest of some news items you may have missed this weekend:

QuickWire: Students’ e-Book Use Has Flatlined Since 2008

According to the ebrary’s Global Student E-book Survey which was previewed this week at the Charleston Conference, “students’ use of electronic books has grown little, if at all, over the past three years.” These findings come from “international surveys of more than 6,500 college students conducted in 2008 and again this year.”

Amazon Prime launches Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

Amazon Prime has added Kindle book lending to its list of perks, alongside streaming movies and TV shows and free two-day shipping from  The service “allows Amazon Prime members to borrow one book a month from a specific selection that Amazon said includes “over 100 current and former New York Times Bestsellers.” Amazon said the Lending Library has more than 5,000 titles to choose from.”

While some may find this a threat, if the library community plays it right, this Amazon perk might help point out what a good deal circulating ebooks from your local public library is.  In any case, a number of library blogs have picked up on this story.  See: Kindle Lending Library launches with 5,000 titles and Amazon’s Library Model: Can we learn from it?.

Library without books is on UF ‘wish list’

Gary Price from InfoDocket picked up this article from the Gainesville Sun.  Library administrators are planning to convert historic Newell Hall into a “library without books” where “the experience would be one where students bring in their laptops or work on available computers to access the library’s extensive electronic collection of books, research articles, course reserves and academic journals.” 

Alexander Street Press Now Offers Video Package For Academic Libraries

The folks at Alexander Street Press just announced a “new streaming video package for academic and public libraries” called VAST.  The database will start with 10,000 titles with plans to expand to 22,000 by 2013.

Research Data Management Tool From UC Libraries and Partners

“The University of California (UC) and several other major research institutions have partnered to develop the DMPTool, a flexible online application to help researchers generate data management plans, which are simple but effective documents for ensuring good data stewardship.”  (The development of this type app dovetails with concerns and needs expressed at this past week’s Charleston Conference.)

Cambridge University Press launches University Publishing Online

Joining the growing list of university press aggregators, Cambridge University Press announced that a new service called University Publishing Online will add content from the Mathematical Association of America (based in Washington D.C.) and Liverpool University Press, Foundation Books (based in India) to the established Cambridge Books Online platform.  Plans call for “content from Edinburgh University Press and Nottingham University Press will be available from early 2012.”

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