ATG Hot Topic of the Week: Open Access

by | Oct 28, 2011 | 0 comments

by Jonathan Harwell, Georgia Southern University

Open Access Week winds up on October 30, just in time for the Charleston Conference next week!  1300 participants (including our fave provocateurs, gadflies, & snarks), wifi in the meeting rooms, and also a food truck with a cuisine yet to be announced.  And my annual trek to A. W. Shuck’s for shrimp & grits…but I digress.

The always-on-the-pulse ACRLog has the jump on us, with a rundown of the highlights of Open Access Week 2011, including John Dupuis on the enduring power of blogs and how they can bring the Occupy movement into our rethinking of scholarly communication; Barbara Fister upping the ante the following day with Occupy Knowledge (you’ll wanna read this!); and the Open Access Pledge.  I’ll add that TED has Jay Bradner’s 13-minute video lecture about what he’s done with open-source cancer research.

And LYRASIS’ Timothy Cherubini has organized pairs of librarians and publishers for informal two-way interviews, which he’ll report about in Charleston next week.  I had a great talk with a publisher yesterday, about budgets, pricing models for electronic vs. print, ILL for e-books, discovery services (dealing with publishers directly, or just aggregators?), demand-driven acquisition (for journals perhaps?), etc.

What do you think will–  or should–  be the hot topics in Charleston this year?  See y’all there…as Prince once said, “same time, same boogie.”


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