Publish or Perish: Peer Review and the Corruption of Science

by | Sep 7, 2011 | 0 comments

This is an article that caught my eye from The Guardian newspaper in the UK.  He says some interesting and controversial things about academic publishing like:

“Peer review is the process that decides whether your work gets published in an academic journal. It doesn’t work very well any more, mainly as a result of the enormous number of papers that are being published (an estimated 1.3 million papers in 23,750 journals in 2006). There simply aren’t enough competent people to do the job. The overwhelming effect of the huge (and unpaid) effort that is put into reviewing papers is to maintain a status hierarchy of journals. Any paper, however bad, can now get published in a journal that claims to be peer-reviewed.”

Read the article: Publish-or-perish: Peer review and the corruption of science

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