Earthquake Update – University of Maryland

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As of Thursday, August 25, 2011

A rare East Coast earthquake rattled McKeldin Library and several branch
libraries at the University of Maryland on Tuesday.

McKeldin Library was closed to the public following the tremors on
Tuesday and has not reopened.  The Art Library and Architecture Library
also closed to the public on Tuesday and Wednesday.

More than 13,500 books fell from the shelves in McKeldin Library.
Compact shelving on three floors was compromised and remains unstable;
one unit has tilted off its track. A free-standing bookshelf on the
library’s fourth floor collapsed.

Surface cracks appeared in two stairwells and apparently at the tops of
pillars on the first floor.  A team of structural engineers began a
visual analysis of the building and review of construction drawings on
Wednesday.  Because of the size of the building, a second engineering
team joined the inspection effort today.

Several staff members have been relocated from their offices because of
damage to surrounding areas.

Staff cleanup has been extraordinary. All of the books have been picked
up and loaded onto approximately 150 book carts. Sorting and shelving is
underway. Only eight trucks of books – approximately 700 items-require
preservation treatment.

Materials also fell from the shelves in Hornbake Library, Art Library,
Architecture Library, and Engineering and Physical Sciences Library.
Some shelving units in Hornbake are unstable. Because materials are
shelved in areas not open to the public, the library remained open.

Today’s activities
Thursday,  August 25

  • Engineers expect the structural evaluation of McKeldin Library will continue throughout the day.
  • McKeldin Library will remain closed to the public until the engineers issue their report.
  • Representatives from SpaceSaver Corporation, vendor of the compact shelving, began evaluating the damage.
  • Staff made great progress in sorting and shelving. Approximately a third of the books (150 trucks) have been reshelved.

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