World Book, Inc. and Infogroup Content to Enhance

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Vital Reference Information from Premier Industry Leaders Now Discoverable

Seattle – June 30, 2011 – Serials Solutions, a business unit of ProQuest LLC, today announced that researchers will soon be able to discover reliable reference content from World Book and Infogroup’s ReferenceUSA through the Summon™ service.

World Book has long been committed to publishing award-winning encyclopedias and reference sources across all disciplines and topics, and digital products for both children and adults. Infogroup’s ReferenceUSA is a reference and research tool with high quality business and consumer information of interest to students, job seekers and researchers. Millions of people have come to rely on these two resources to provide the most accurate, relevant information they need.

With this new agreement, the Summon™ service will include results from World Book and ReferenceUSA to provide indispensable background information researchers need when developing a baseline understanding of a new topic.

“The amount of information available online continues to grow exponentially, and many subjects are becoming more complex. That’s why it is important for a trusted source such as World Book to work with services like Summon,” said Sean Klunder, vice president of marketing and digital development at World Book, Inc. “For decades, students and researchers alike have relied on our reference information to help gain fundamental background knowledge and to comprehend new subjects of interest. These users depend on the comprehensive and clear reference information that we provide. Users will be delighted to have our credible content indexed and easily accessible in the Summon service.”

 ReferenceUSA includes a vast database of information for more than 14 million U.S. businesses and 200 million U.S. households, including 675,000 U.S. doctors and 180,000 dentists. With the inclusion of ReferenceUSA, Serials Solutions is able to help users discover yet another reliable and sought-after source of information.

“ReferenceUSA’s quality information provides researchers with the insight and knowledge they need to answer a wide variety of questions as they conduct their competitive analysis, market research and planning,” said Infogroup’s Chief Product Officer Gemma Postlethwaite. “Individuals around the world have come to trust us as a source of verified U.S. business background information. We could not be more pleased to have our content indexed and so easily discovered in the Summon service.”

A cornerstone of the Summon™ service is its comprehensive, unified index, which makes the full breadth of a library’s collection and resources easily discoverable. With more than 750 million records from more than 7,000 providers in its de-duplicated index, the Summon™ service applies relevancy across the full body of a library’s collection and quickly returns a single set of relevant results to a user.

“The Summon service continues to resonate with libraries around the world because of Serials Solutions’ dedication to offering a comprehensive, unified discovery tool,” explained Mike Buschman, director of product management for the Summon™ service at Serials Solutions. “With the addition of World Book and ReferenceUSA, two globally trusted and reliable sources of in-demand information, we continue on our mission to make the discovery of that invaluable information easy, intuitive and beneficial for both library users and library staff.”

The number of libraries subscribing to the Summon™ service worldwide currently exceeds 250 libraries, many of whom are seeing a significant increase in the use of their library’s collections. Since it is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), Serials Solutions continues to enhance and improve the features and functionality of the Summon™ service in real-time to ensure users receive relevant results with unprecedented speed.

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