So far it has been a whirlwind spring opening.  Lots of sickness, lots of travel, lots of new initiatives.

A couple of big items.  First the Google Book Settlement.  As we all know, Judge Denny Chin found that the Amended Settlement Agreement (ASA) is not fair, adequate, and reasonable.  Several noteworthy people have weighed in on this and many are quoted on the ATG NewsChannel.  I was interested in the recent article in the New York Times “Ruling Spurs Effort to Form Digital Public Library” by Miguel Helft (April 3, 2011).  Many like Robert Darnton are energized, but I have to agree with Michael Keller when he says, the digital public library project “is coming late to the party. …It is still trying to figure out what it is and who it is… there is no practical plan for getting it started.”  There is also no funding.  We have lost a lot of access and unless legislation is passed for orphan works, the Digital Public Library will have the same problem that Google had.

UKSG’s journal, Serials, will have a name change and new editors!  The new name  — Insights: Connecting the knowledge community — takes effect with volume 25, 2012.  The new editors are Lorraine Estelle (Chief Executive of JISC Collections) and Steve Sharp (Resource Acquisition Team Leader at the University of Leeds) and they will co-edit the journal from volume 24, 2011.  In fact, they have already delivered their first issue (online now).  Outgoing co-editor Dr. Hazel Woodward, is to become Chair of UKSG’s Publications SubcommitteeUKSG has extended its thanks to outgoing editors the energetic twins Hazel Woodward and Helen Henderson for their many years of dedication to the development of Serials

Check out the ATG Article of the Week of April 11, 2011.  It’s “2010 Study of Subscription Prices for Scholarly Journals: Society Journal Pricing Trends and Industry Overview,” by Mike Peine (Business Analyst, Allen Press), 2010 Supplement #1.  15 pages. This article points to themes in cancellation criteria: elimination of subscription duplications; measuring usage; scrutiny of “big deals”; and use of interlibrary loan.

Moving right along, I attended  the wonderful Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians in Winston-Salem March 10 and 11 at Wake Forest University.  This conference was great!  Met so many new people with all sorts of great new ideas.  I highly recommend it.  Apparently the conference will be held every two years and McFarland & Company is publishing a book in 2011 called The Entrepreneurial Librarian.

I hooked up with one of my favorite people in the world at the Conference (above).  Rosann Bazirjian, Dean of University Libraries at UNC-Greensboro.  Before she went to UNC-Greensboro, Rosann was Assistant Dean for Technical and Access Services at Penn State University and for many years she was the principal director of the Charleston Conference.  I still miss her.  But she recommended Beth Bernhardt for the principal director position, said I would not be disappointed.  And, guess what, she was right!  Thanks, Rosann and Beth!

Speaking of Beth, she and I gave a presentation at the Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians about the Charleston Conference.  If you want to see the slides and those from other papers, go to

Ran into Bill Kane when I was in Winston-Salem (which is a delightful town and so, BTW, was the visit to Wake Forest — last time I was there I was interviewing for a job at the Bowman Grey School of Medicine since I was a medical librarian back then).  Anyway, I guess y’all know that Bill is married to the awesome Lynn Sutton, Dean of the Library at Wake Forest UniversityBill, y’all might remember, organizes the Charleston Chase every year during the Charleston Conference at the ungodly hour of 6:30 AM.  I slept through my alarm last year.  Oops!

Anyway, as I was writing Rumors this time, guess who I got an email from?  Bill Kane himself (and he says we can call him Billy in his online profile ; ).  Anyway, Bill has been appointed Director of Digital Publishing at Wake Forest University.   He says he thinks he’s actually going to be able to (at least try to) do what he wants at Wake, which is give faculty (and students) a chance to publish their “stuff” online (for free), as opposed to the traditional way (for increasing fees).  He is planning on offering a tossed salad of self-publishing, open source, course materials, with some HTML5 dressing on the side.  Bill(y) says he’ll be working for the computing center and not the library, but libraries are likewise increasingly becoming content suppliers, and not just collectors.  So, he says he will still chase and chug at the 2011 Charleston Conference.  Stay tuned.

Speaking of which I just heard that the fantabulous Connie Foster will become Interim Dean of Western Kentucky shortly.  Like wow!  Good luck, Connie!

Some baby news.  Thomas Mack Gremiliion is Becky Lenzini’s second grandchild.  See his picture in the printed issue on p.1.

And Dennis Brunning sent me a picture of his granddaughter all dressed up in St. Patrick’s Day garb, see her picture in the printed issue on p. 44.  Isn’t she cute?!

And Roger Schonfeld and his wife are expecting a second baby this summer.

Ran into the magnificent Bob Schatz at one of the meetings I have been going to and he told me his daughter is married and he has grandchildren of his own.  He showed me pictures on his iPhone or was it a BlackBerry? See Bob’s Op Ed (this issue, p.48).  He says that libraries are losing valuable real estate on the their institutional homepages.  I remember when that tried to happen to us at the College of Charleston but thanks to great leadership it didn’t happen.  Still, Bob is right at least from my experience.  As I search the Web looking for library staff I find it harder and harder to find the library homepages.

Some people have all the fame!  Becky Lenzini’s great movie Website has been discovered.  She is now movie reviewer for a Website in Chicago  Plus she was interviewed for their radio spot

The creative Scott Smith tells me he has finished library school at Kent State.  His column this time is about Curious George and Tintin in the land of the Amish.  Are you ready for the upcoming Spielberg movie about Tintin?  Did you know that the creator was from Belgium?

The he’s-allover-the-place Rick Anderson gives us a glimpse inside the ALCTS Collection Development Forum at ALA Midwinter.  (this issue, p.40)  And Bob Nardini mentions the same Forum in his column, this issue, p.76.

Bob also sends the following news about new staff at IngramMarc Roberson joins Ingram Content Group as Director of Sales, Public Libraries.  Marc comes to Ingram from the library systems market where he spent the last ten years in sales management.  Marc can be reached at Ingram at <[email protected]> Janet Walsh, is Coutts new Area Manager for the Southeast U.S.  Janet comes to Coutts from American Baptist College where she was the library director.  Prior to working at American Baptist, she was the Assistant Director of Library Services at Fisk UniversityJanet also has a wealth of sales and training experience gained from working for the library system vendors DRA and SIRSILisa McDonald is an MLIS degreed librarian with a strong background in sales and account management.  Lisa worked for ten years at OCLC where she held a variety of positions including Contract Cataloging Consultant, Project Manager and Metadata Specialist.  Lisa will be responsible for the U.S. Central territory.  Welcome, everyone!

Seems like this month has been a month of traveling to meetings.  Now I sort of know what it’s like to be a sales rep.  Not really, but I can pretend.  Anyway, attended ACRL in Philadelphia at the end of March.  It too was great!  I approached ACRL with fear and trepidation figuring that all my friends would have retired and I wouldn’t know anyone.  Wrong!  Guess who was the first person I saw when I walked in the exhibits?  Carl Teresa, General Manager of Wolper Subscription ServicesCarl looks as great as he used to when he was at Ballen Booksellers (Carl and Ballen used to handle the mailing of Against the Grain way back when it was first being published.)

The second person I ran into on the same aisle, not far away was John Riley, now of BUSCA, and Michael Cooper, the owner and brains behind the operation.  We had some great Philly cheese steaks (I would sure like one right now, it’s supper time!)  Anyway, have I told y’all about the BUSCA blog?  It’s fun and very informative

Guess that y’all have heard that Jonathan Tasini is at it again!  Remember New York Times Co. v. Tasini, 533 U.S. 483 (2001), which went all the way to the Supreme Court.  The lawsuit was about licensing material contributed by freelancers’ online databases without providing compensation to the freelancers.  Well, Jonathan Tasini and some bloggers from the Huffington Post (which was recently bought by AOL) have filed a $105 million class-action lawsuit against the Huffington Post, AOL, and Ariana Huffington herself.  We do indeed live in interesting times!  See “Why Tasini’s Blogger Lawsuit Against the Huffington Post Makes No Sense by Dylan Stableford Jeff Bercovici “AOL-HuffPo Suit Seeks $105 million”

Speaking of the Charleston Conference – the 31st is coming up.  Can you believe it?  I sure can’t!  We have already gotten lots of emails and phone calls about the 2011 Charleston Conference “Something’s Gotta Give!” (November 2-5) and the Vendor Showcase (November 2).  The whole Charleston Conference team (at least most of them) are meeting this very weekend in Charleston at Katina’s house on the Citadel campus.  And some will be calling in on Skype and others will be using cell phones but we will be assembled to work out several of the issues with registration and a new Website among other details.

Oh!  And the Charleston Conference Call for Papers is up and we have already gotten submissions.  Was reading that TRLN (the Triangle Libraries Network) has received a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to develop business models and licensing terms for the cooperative acquisition of eBooks and TRLN plans to present some of their findings at the 2011 Charleston Conference.  Ho ha!  For more information, see the entire press release at

Well, they have squeezed me out of space in this issue so I have to sign off.  Rumors will be continued in June and on the ATG NewsChannel.  I have a lot more to say!  Have you visited?