Rumors: July ATG Broadcast Edition

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Rumors for ATG Broadcast 7-18-2011

I had to cut Rumors short in June because we ran out of room so here are some things that didn’t make it in the print issue and more!

Retirements, retirements everywhere! Jay Jordan, Mr OCLC, has announced his retirement as of June 30, 2012. Jay Jordan, the fourth president of OCLC (1998-) since its founding by Fred Kilgour 40 years ago, has seen the growth of OCLC from 30,000 participating libraries to more than 72,000 in 170 countries. The WorldCat bibliographic database has over 240 million records. OCLC merged with WLN and RLG, acquired netlibrary, PAIS, Openly Informatics, DiMeMa, Inc., and EZProxy. And these are just a very few of OCLC‘s many initiatives under Jay Jordan’s leadership. In announcing Jay‘s retirement at the OCLC President’s Luncheon in New Orleans, Larry Alford, OCLC’s Board Chair, said that a Search Committee will be announced shortly. See the full press release at

And, like we told you in the print June ATG (p.64), Knut Dorn is retiring at the end of the year and I understand there were many retirement parties for him. So sorry I couldn’t be in New Orleans!

Speaking of ALA Annual, heard that the energetic Mike Sweet the CEO of Credo Reference wasn’t at ALA because his new baby girl, Avery, was born June 20. Hoping to get a pic sometime soon!!

Even though I couldn’t go to ALA, seems like I have been doing a lot of traveling lately. Just got back from a Family Reunion at Savannah’s Tybee Island (about 20 miles north of Savannah, wide beach and plenty of waves) where I said goodbye for a while to my son, Raymond and his wife, Lindsay, and their two children, Trifon (3 and a half years old) and Georgia Helen (one and half years old), by the way, also my grandchildren! They just called from Bogota Colombia where they will be stationed for two years. Trifon is already speaking Spanish! Guess I will be taking a trip there shortly.

And, even though he has been to Sweden and all over the U.S., I learned that Jared Seay has never ever been to Savannah! Gosh! The place is less than two hours from Charleston! Speaking of which, Jared has been to Chicago. He tells us all about his experience in the Windy City when he attended a Symposium on Gaming and Learning in Libraries. (ATG, 23#3, June 2011, p.66). Also online to subscribers.

Plus, with the September issue of ATG, Jared will begin a new column called “Engaging the Incubator: Media Minding a Library” about all varieties of non-print media.

While we are on media, want to tell y’all about one of my many fantastic employees – Melinda Scharstein. Melinda   keeps the library accounts straight, no small feat as we all know. Anyway, Melinda’s passion is photography and let me tell you I recently attended the opening of one of her shows. The pictures were incredible. She was recently featured in Charleston Magazine

And remember that Melinda was the official photographer at the 2010 Charleston Conference. Many of her pictures are on the website. Melinda should be back to photograph the 2011 Charleston Conference!

Did you know that Melinda’s aunt is none other than the gorgeous Pam Cenzer, once a librarian of the University of Florida? Pam (who is a new grandma!) and her husband Doug (who is the grandpa) were in town for Melinda’s opening.

Talking about art show openings, did you know that the incredibly British and witty Liz Chapman’s daughter Isabelle is currently doing her MFA at Parsons in New York and Liz was in town for the festivities. Isabelle visited Charleston for spring break.

Speaking of photography, over the weekend read the new Simon Winchester book, The Alice Behind Wonderland (Oxford University Press, 2011).  Besides telling us a lot about Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson) and Alice, it is a fascinating look at how photography developed in the 19th and 20th century. For example, do you know about the collodion process?

And did you know that many of Charles Dodgson’s photos and albums are in Princeton University’s Firestone Library? I also learned about the collector, Morris Parrish  after whom “in Parrish condition” is still employed in the Antiquarian book trade. What you don’t learn when you read!

While we are on the subject of Alice in Wonderland, got a very thoughtful article from the thinker Tony Horava entitled “eBooks and Memory: Down the Rabbit Hole.” It’s in the June issue and will be featured  in MultiGrain, on the ATG news channel website this month!

Speakling of Against the Grain, didn’t the glamorous Xan Arch (despite a new job and a new husband) do a fabulous job with guest editing the June print issue about Patron Driven Acquisitions? I sure think so! And she thanks Jesse Holden for his help with the papers. The entire print issue is online for subscribers!

Speaking of Jesse, I love his Acquisitions Archaeology for June 2010, don’t you? He borrows Malcolm Gladwell’s phrase “tipping point” to describe what has been going on in our environment.

Also in the June issue, glad to see that the cracker-jack Bryan Carson has a legally speaking in this issue about Righthaven in this issue. You’ll remember that Bruce Strauch pointed us to this case in the April issue of ATG, p.. 54 and online to subscribers.

Speaking of my husband, Bruce  reads easily a book a day, and he was looking for a series of books (Fandorin mysteries) set in Russia. While in St. Petersburg, he asked the Russian experts – the vivacious Gina Simova (Director of Operations, East View Information Services) and the athletic Robert Lee (Director, Online Publishing, East View) about the series. And, guess what, several books by Boris Akunin — a Russian author who writes mystery stories set in Tsarist Russia (the Fandorin mysteries) turned up  — ahem– mysteriously in our mailbox! I am now reading The Winter Queen which I recommend to y’all!

Speaking of books, some of my favorite books are the Dummies books. Really. You learn a lot from them. Really. Well, the Dummies series just turned 20! The first Dummies book was published in 1991, DOS for Dummies and there were 7,500 copies printed! In 2001, there were 100 million English-language Dummies books in print!

Have you registered for the 2011 (31st) Charleston Conference yet? I understand that the Francis Marion is nearly booked! We have 138 registrations (as of 7-16-2011), 45 more than the same time last year!

Speaking of which, people were excited about the Shotgun Sessions which we have just begun to accept proposals for at the 31st Charleston Conference! Deadline is 15 of August! These presentations will consist of 20 slides, each shown for 20 seconds for a total presentation time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Talk about concise! The on-top-of-it Audrey Powers first introduced us to this format and she is planning on using it in her e-everything preconference in Charleston in November, I believe. It’s going to be fun!

Something’s Gotta Give! 31st Charleston Conference! See you soon!



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