Free webcast: New Workflows for Editorial and Production

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The digital transition in trade publishing presents new products that don’t fit neatly into old workflows. If publishers want to ensure simultaneous release of print, ebook, enhanced ebook or app, then they need lean, efficient processes.

Effective workflows open up new opportunities in print as well – rush titles and repurposed books can provide fresh revenue with a timely release. In this free WEBcast, New Workflows for Editorial and Production,, we’ll delve into the challenges and opportunities facing editors and production professionals today.

Join us on Tuesday, July 12th at 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT for this free WEBcast presented in partnership with Publishers Weekly.

Just some of the topics we’ll explore:

* How new business models are changing how titles are produced, from acquisition to pub date: Short-form titles, enhanced products, rush books, and repurposed titles from backlist books present new challenges for editors and production professionals. What are some of the questions a publisher needs to ask when embarking on a publishing schedule that includes some of the above? How should you cope with the requirements these products require? What skillsets are needed on your staff to do this sort of work?

* Setting up your publishing workflow so that editorial and production work smoothly together: What does a publisher have to do to ensure that enhanced ebooks, for example, can be released on schedule with print counterparts? When you have disparate media elements, how do you make them all come together?

* Opportunities that arise from better workflows: Besides streamlining the creation of titles, great publishing workflows make it possible to create entirely new products. What are the opportunities presented by XML-first?


* Karen Cooper, Publisher and Community Leader, Adams Media
* Liz Kessler, Digital Managing Editor, Hachette Book Group


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