Springer and Canada’s International Development Research Centre launch new book series

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Multidisciplinary series to showcase emerging topics in economic, political, social, environmental, and technological development around the world

Springer and Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) announce the launch of a new book series, Insight and Innovation in International Development, to be co-published by Springer and IDRC. The series aims to contribute fresh ideas and insights on international development. Four titles are planned annually, each in English and French.

Drawing on research funded by IDRC, the books present new ways of looking at social, economic, political, and environmental challenges. They offer lessons for policy and practice, and will interest decision-makers, teachers, students, and development professionals. All books in the series will be reviewed by IDRC’s Editorial Committee, will reflect IDRC’s development research mandate, and will showcase a diversity of topics, geographies, and authorship. The first book in the collection, Universities in Transition, edited by Bo Göransson and Claes Brundenius, was released in December 2010. Volumes on economic integration in West Africa and ecosystem approaches to human health are in development; additional titles are forthcoming.

David Malone, IDRC President, said, “For international development to succeed, it’s not enough to have good research; that good research must be widely disseminated. People need to know about knowledge and innovations if they are to benefit from them. That’s where this splendid book series will make an important contribution. It will help bring knowledge to people.”

Nicholas Philipson, Editorial Director of Business, Economics, and Statistics, at Springer, said, “This series is an excellent example of the type of creative, collaborative, and multidisciplinary publishing that is at the heart of our program. The series showcases research that not only advances scientific knowledge in a variety of fields, but advances practice and policymaking with positive impact. The series will utilize the combined expertise and resources of Springer and IDRC to reach both the research and the development communities.”

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