LYRASIS to Expand Mass Digitizati​on Collaborat​ive with New Services

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Atlanta, GA, — June 17, 2011 — LYRASIS is excited to announce the expansion of its Mass Digitization Collaborative through partnership with Digital Conversion Solutions (DCS), a division of The HF Group, as well as an expansion of the existing partnership with Creekside Digital.

Previously, the Mass Digitization Collaborative offered LYRASIS members the opportunity to digitize books, serials and microfilmed newspapers for a low fee. “Based on input from our Digital & Preservation Services Advisory Group, we are in the process of completing contracts that allow us to expand the Collaborative to offer new and different formats,” stated Robin Dale, Director of Digital & Preservation Services.

The newly formed partnership with Digital Conversion Solutions enables LYRASIS to offer digitization of archival materials for members. According to Dale, “Since the formation of the Mass Digitization Collaborative, LYRASIS members have sought opportunities for more affordable digitization of their unique holdings, including manuscripts, archives, photographs, maps and large format materials. Our new partnership with DCS allows members to carefully and affordably digitize these unique holdings.” 

“We are proud to be formally aligned with LYRASIS in helping deliver affordable paper-based digitization services to member institutions. As a division of The HF Group, we look forward to building upon the trust so many LYRASIS Members currently have with our parent company by providing exceptional archive quality images,” stated Lisa Stasevich, Director of Sales and Marketing, Digital Conversion Solutions.

Based on positive feedback from members, LYRASIS has also expanded their partnership with Creekside Digital, specialists in document and microfilm digitization, to offer preservation-quality microfiche scanning services to members. “After successfully delivering terabytes of preservation-quality images and millions of files to LYRASIS members over the past year, Creekside Digital is pleased to assist in the expansion of the Mass Digitization Collaborative program. The inclusion of content beyond books and newspapers, as well as the eligibility of multiple formats of microfiche, means that we will be able to help even more member institutions convert a higher percentage of the microfilm in their holdings,” stated Jim Studnicki, President, Creekside Digital.

As a result of the expansion in formats, some of the new services will not be eligible for Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant-subsidized pricing. “We have been able to negotiate very favorable terms with expert service providers for content that falls outside of our Sloan Foundation grant,” added Laurie Gemmill, Mass Digitization Program Manager. “The expansion of the content scope will allow members more options for digitization and additionally, members will have exclusive control over how they make their content available. We’re excited about these new possibilities for our members.”

For more information about the Mass Digitization Collaborative, please contact Laurie Gemmill. Additionally, Robin Dale and Laurie Gemmill will be available to discuss these new services in the LYRASIS Booth #959 at ALA on Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26.

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