Encore Synergy 4.1 Launches with Expanded Article Access, New Cobalt Look and Feel, and More

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Emeryville, CA—Innovative announced today the launch of Encore Synergy 4.1, which includes expanded article discovery, Advanced Search, and a new Cobalt look and feel which revolutionizes the Encore Synergy experience and makes article discovery more prominent.From one simple search forward, Encore Synergy presents your full range of resources—articles, local digital collections, books, and more—in a real-time environment built for today’s library user. Encore Synergy 4.1 has launched in academic and public libraries around the world with general release scheduled for July 1, 2011.

Discovery Values: Content Neutral, Real-Time, Shaped for the Library User:

“True discovery happens when articles are real-time direct from the sources,” says John McCullough, Vice President, Encore Division. “Today’s research cannot happen in an environment that favors a certain subset of content, or presents skewed results caused by a time lag or an uneven knowledge landscape. By remaining a content neutral platform, researchers benefit from the complement of sources libraries want to present users.”

McCullough continues: “We went back to users and asked them about their experiences on the Web and created a testing environment for the Cobalt look and feel. We are convinced that Encore Synergy retains its lead in the world of library discovery, because it is geared for the user and reflects the increasing focus on article access at libraries.”

Features and Benefits of the New Encore Synergy Release:


With Encore Synergy 4.1, library users get the same real-time streaming of article sources via Web Services, along with a new Article Portfolios feature that brings contextual groupings of article information. Encore Synergy also offers new facets specific to article content to make limiting a large result set even more precise.

Library staff will know that even today’s groundbreaking research is right there, and that they have selected trusted resources geared for their community. Encore Synergy surpasses other discovery products by presenting a search that is as broad as possible in terms of evidence, while providing a context that makes it easier to get to a user’s specific research need.

Cobalt Look and Feel:

The new Cobalt skin for Encore Synergy 4.1 represents “a refresh” of the look and feel of Encore. The article focus mode has been enhanced with new options for continuing the search, links to relevant headings in the library catalog, and searches on remote resources if desired. With the new Encore Synergy release, users get a tool which keeps pace with search engines and commerce sites, yet surpasses that experience for research by delivering a vast pool of knowledge, simply.

Advanced Search:

The new Advanced Search capabilities complement discovery by presenting a path of success for reference librarians, discerning faculty, or lay experts looking for a particular set of results. Based on modern interface technology, the Encore Advanced Search includes Boolean Search; search by title, author, or subject; pre-search limits; and date ranges. To maintain the flow of a sophisticated search process, the new Recently Searched and Recently Viewed features provide a clear path to previous searches and record details.

Public Library Discovery Features:

The current release includes features of specific interest to public libraries, including “You Might Also Like” recommendations (using NoveList® Select) and enhanced BookCart functionality.

See It at ALA 2011!

For a demo of the latest release of Encore Synergy please visit the Innovative booth (#2234) at the 2011 ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans or write [email protected].

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