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Centurion Technologies , ALA Booth #415, (www.centuriontech.com), will be conducting demonstrations of two of their software products, Smart Shield and Smart Control.

Among its many key features are:

  • Automating shutdowns, saving energy and money (potentially thousands of dollars annually) and receive energy rebates from utility companies, where applicable
  • Tracking user activity in real-time on your comptuers
  • Remotely managing features, restrictions and executables on workstations
  • Automating updates, antivirus programs and downloads
  • Blocking ports, even blocking specific types of external devices

St. Louis, Mo. (June 2011) Centurion Technologies, a leading provider of award-winning software solutions, introduces two new modules to their SmartShield software program, ScreenView Student Edition and EnergySaver. The ScreenView add-on engages teachers and students in real-time to promote learning, while EnergySaver enables administrators to customize automatic power down times, saving energy and utility costs.

“In addition to make life much easier for the user, the great thing about these modules is they already come with SmartShield,” said Phil Simeone, Sales Manager of Centurion Technologies. “There’s no fumbling around with additional software discs or downloads. Our in-house support team simply unlocks the modules and away you go.”

ScreenView Student Edition enables teachers to keep their students on task and productive by allowing them to view thumbnails of the students’ desktops in real-time.  Centurions’ Teacher feature provides educators chat ability for one-on-one or group sessions to assist students with their work. The module also allows the teacher to remotely take control of their students’ computers, which is perfect for troubleshooting scenarios. All of these features offer immediate teacher-student feedback and promote engaged learning.

For administrators, EnergySaver allows users to track energy usage by computer profile and automate shutdowns for idle or unused computers. From the SmartControl Console, computer shutdowns and wake ups (WOL) can be automated to coincide with predetermined operating hours. This controlled, automated and customized management system saves precious energy and potentially thousands of dollars. Furthermore, the module provides advanced tracking, reporting and documentation of the power usage making it a perfect tool for managing workstation energy consumption.

Users of both products have voiced their appreciation for the ease of adding the modules and the overall benefits.

“ScreenView gives our faculty the ability to monitor student activities from a faculty workstation, without hovering over their shoulders,” said James Nelson of the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. “Our students are much less likely to be surfing the web during class time just because they know the monitoring system is in place.”

“With the EnergySaver Module, we no longer need users to remember to shut down their computers in order to save electricity,” said Nisan Mian, Technology Support for Portland, Connecticut Public Schools. “Now I can program all the computers to shut down as I wish, saving me time.”

For more information on Centurion’s full line of products, or to request a webinar and free download of fully functioning trials of ScreenView and EnergySaver, visit www.centuriontech.com.

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