ATG Star of the Week: Jill Emery, Portland State University Library

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Name: Jill Emery
Title: Collections Librarian
Organization: Portland State University Library

address: 1875 SW Park Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97201

Born and lived: Born in Tucson, Arizona but lived my formative years in Texas

Early life: Air Force brat who spent the first five years of life in Izmir, Turkey with summers in the UK with my mother’s family. Then lived in the midwest for the next four years before my family settled in Abilene, Texas for the duration of my childhood. I attended both undergraduate and graduate school in Texas.

Professional career and activities: began my academic library career at the age of 19 by shelving periodicals at the Sterling C. Evans Library in College Station, Texas. There was nowhere to go but up! My first professional librarian job was as the Serials Librarian at Texas Southern University and I’m now about to leave Texas to become the Collections Librarian at Portland State University. In other professional news, I was a 2004 Library Journal Mover & Shaker, Past-chair of the Continuing Resources Section of ALCTS, Past-President of NASIG, current Social Media Specialist for the Electronic Resources & Libraries, LLC, member of the ALCTS Acquisitions section Research and Statistics committee, member of SSP, & current Heard on the Net columnist for The Charleston Advisor. family: My husband, Dennis Hodges, is multi-talented and is currently a stay-at-home father to our newborn daughter, Pearl Rose Hodges. In his scant spare time, Dennis screen prints t-shirts, is an artist, rides BMX for personal enjoyment, and is a culinary wizard to name just a few of his many talents.

In my spare time: I like to ride a bike, swim in rivers and pools, read Vanity Fair magazine and watch movies on NetFlix streaming.

Favorite books: Just about anything by Haruki Murakami, Alan Bradley’s Flavia de Luce mysteries, The Wind in the Willows, and just about everything by Jeanette Winterson

Pet peeves: librarians who refuse to look up information and who dismiss mind-hive developments like Wikipedia as non-authoritative

Philosophy: Enjoy every minute

Most memorable career achievement: Being invited to be a pre-conference presenter at the SLA Arabian Gulf Chapter in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in 2010.

Goal I hope to achieve five years from now: Continued involvement with international library organizations

How/where do I see the industry in five years: Information sources are becoming more refined and discrete to meet individual needs at their point of wanting to know something. Librarians have to become better at dissecting information resources and developing ways to meet these needs as they arise. Librarians can on longer be just public service oriented or technical service oriented; these delineations are becoming completely blurred. The librarian of 5 years from now will do a bit of everything ( be a a bit of an acquisitions specialist, a cataloger, a systems person, an instruction person, & a reference librarian) in order to be a viable member of the information community. We need to be open to providing straight-forward and clear-cut ways for people to find the answers they seek at their points of need. Sometimes this will mean constructing new ways of access to information and sometimes this will mean using pre-existing tools. We need to embrace these opportunities to make things happen and not get mired down in ontological debates on how things should be arranged and structured.

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