v.23 #1 KBART – Providing Standardized, Accurate and Timely Metadata: Methods and Challenges

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by Julie Zhu (Sr. Project Coordinator, Online Service Division, American Institute of Physics) jzhu@aip.org
and Gary Pollack (VP Customer-Partner Solutions, Cengage Learning | Gale) gary.pollack@gale.com
and Ruth Wells (Journals Project Manager, IT Department, Taylor & Francis) Ruth.Wells@tandf.co.uk
and Matthew Llewellin (eProjects Manager, Royal Society Publishing) Matthew.Llewellin@royalsociety.org

Publishers, librarians, and educators understand that metadata is an increasingly important aspect of resource discovery and use. We all know that good metadata or, better yet, standards-based metadata facilitates interoperability of services provided by our knowledge-base and learning management systems; ultimately connecting the communities of end users we serve to relevant and appropriate digital content.

In the age of mostly print publications, librarians were often responsible for creating cataloging and metadata information for journals and other publications subscribed by libraries. Now in the age of electronic publications, when more and more libraries are shifting to online-only subscription models and when many libraries are facing budget and staff shortages, libraries and library service providers are calling upon the content providers to provide publication metadata in a standardized, accurate, and timely way.

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