How a Large Publisher Accelerate​d Digital Production by 75%

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A Webinar Case Study with Wiley Blackwell
A Practical Approach to Multi-Channel Publishing

WEDNESDAY • MARCH 16, 11:00 am EST, 3:00 pm GMT, 4:00 pm European Time

Hear from Wiley-Blackwell how Aptara’s PXE Digital Publishing Platform expedited their delivery of online-, mobile- and print-ready content, while supporting their existing workflows.

Edward Wates, Wiley’s Global Journal Content Management Director, will describe his organization’s content production lifecycle before and after implementing PXE, the implementation process, lessons learned, and how the results are helping Wiley-Blackwell compete more effectively in today’s electronic marketplace.

Eric Freese, Aptara’s Solutions Architect, will demonstrate the newly released PXE4, showing attendees how to author, edit, compile, manage, and deliver content to mobile devices, PCs and print – all from a single content source.

Join us for a 60 minute inside look at Aptara’s web-based PXE4 Digital Publishing Platform. See how its flexible, digital-first production paradigm organizes and accelerates the entire editorial and production process, making it far easier and less expensive to repurpose content, while reducing the need for digital retraining and retooling.


  • Wiley-Blackwell’s experience with the PXE Digital Publishing Platform
  • How a practical approach to multi-channel workflows can ease publishers’ transition to digital
  • How the PXE Platform works, including:
    – importing Word, PDF, InDesign, or XML files
    – authoring in its word processor-like interface
    – InDesign round-trip integration for content consistency
    – tools for special content (math, media, references, etc.) that increase efficiency and quality
    – production of multiple outputs in parallel: eBooks, mobile, online and print

An open Q&A session will follow the presentations. Register Now.

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