AACR Selects Access Innovation​s for Semantic Indexing of Content on HireWire

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From AACR, Access Innovations and HireWire, Feb. 3, 2011:

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) has selected Access Innovations as its semantics partner to enhance the discoverability of journal content on the HighWire platform as well as across the AACR organization. Leveraging Access Innovations’ proven experience and their highly effective semantic tagging and indexing tools, the AACR will enable their readers and members to make connections between and among related information currently residing in disparate websites.

HighWire has actively supported semantic tagging for years using a HighWire-developed taxonomy* and selected classification tools, both within the HighWire Portal and on individual publication sites. “As part of our mission to work collaboratively with our publishing partners, we have organized a Semantic Enrichment Working Group,” noted Kristen Fisher Ratan, Associate Director for Strategic Development at HighWire. “Comprised of HighWire-affiliated publishers, including the AACR, this group gives them a unique opportunity to discuss possible use cases for semantic enrichment and to make independent, informed decisions about the semantic vendor they wish to engage. HighWire will be proactively assisting publishers in implementing their semantics solution of choice on their HighWire sites.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Access Innovations to develop an AACR taxonomy that can be applied to our content, and with HighWire Press to allow us to present related articles across our journals,” said Diane Scott-Lichter, Publisher of the AACR suite of journals. “We expect to expand these efforts to include semantic tagging of other AACR information such as meetings, workshops, conferences, grants, job postings, podcasts, and working groups as a second phase to this project. Making links between related items will drive increased targeted serendipity, providing improved access to the critical information users need.”

“Access Innovations has been growing and fine-tuning its Data Harmony software line since 1997,” noted Marjorie Hlava, President, Chairman, and founder of Access Innovations, Inc. “We are proud to be working with the AACR and its publications and with HighWire’s world class platform.” The Access Innovations suite of software products is composed of several modules, designed to simplify the management of databases or text collections, with support for editorial processes and to provide significant semantic enrichment. Access Innovations’ products adhere to all NISO, ISO and W3C standards, including XML, and are written in Java, providing platform independence for all users.

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