SwetsWise 5.6 Goes Live!

by | Jan 11, 2011 | 0 comments

From a press release from Swets dated January 11, 2011:

Swets announced earlier today the successful launch and implementation of SwetsWise Release 5.6, the latest update to its pioneering portfolio of products and services.

Swets is relentless in its drive to simplify the management of subscriptions and acquired professional content. SwetsWise 5.6 introduces a host of updates and additional functionalities that will benefit all customers, featuring advancements in data availability and processing, improved reporting components and enhanced usage capabilities in addition to a number of improved renewal functionalities. 

Feedback, comments and suggestions from customers are used to fuel the development process at Swets, resulting in the number of the technical additions and change requests that are included in each release. Some of the main features in SwetsWise 5.6 include:

  • SwetsWise Selection Support – Our leading evaluation and analysis tool available for making collection development decisions has received a host of additional data, reporting and usage updates, including a more concise overview of relevant data for packaged titles and data management as well as enhancing the flexibility of reporting periods.
  • SwetsWise Online Content and Title Bank – The electronic gateway of choice for information professionals around the world has had additional subject categories implemented, allowing customers to better select which categories they would like to use/search for either eBooks or e-journals.
  • eDeal Renewal Service – A valuable component of SwetsWise Library Edition, eDeal Renewal service customers can now benefit from some increased usability features; including pricing totals and the addition of comment fields to allow the user to make notes easily. These features will provide a customer with a deeper insight and more clarity into what is being spent and why.

Full details of all the components of SwetsWise Release 5.6 are available for customers within SwetsWise.

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